E-commerce tips of the week September 16, 2016!

This week we have several good articles we think you should check out.

Subscription e-commerce models

First, is Find Your E-commerce Niche from Practical Ecommerce, with the latest boom in e-commerce subscriptions, now is a good time to capitalize. What better way to narrow in on your target demographic?

Content marketing

The next one is from Copy Blogger, Craft a Marketing Story that People Embrace and Share, is a solid way to get started on your content marketing. Believe it or not, you are telling a story with your marketing. A good read if you need some hints to push your marketing to the next level!

Lastly, and again from Practical Ecommerce we wanted to make sure you saw this heads up for what’s to come in October. When Fall’s foliage is just starting to change colors, Content Marketing Ideas for October gives you the skinny on where to focus your attention to get a bump in sales.