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FFL and tactical payment gateway news – updated 04/19/2023 –

This page contains regularly updated information on firearms and tactical e-commerce based on information from merchant account underwriters, payment gateway providers, independent agents, publications, and payment industry executives.

Note: You must sit with a qualified attorney before launching a firearms or tactical website. All firearms must be shipped to another licensed FFL, which must perform the necessary NICS check on the end buyer. Below are a few quick links, and below that is our ongoing updates and information page that discusses changes in the firearms and tactical credit card processing industry.

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Quick links:

FFL e-commerce credit card processing: https://taskerpaymentgateways.com/ffl-dealers/
Tactical e-commerce credit card processing: https://taskerpaymentgateways.com/accepting-payments-for-online-weapon-sales/

4-19-2023: ATF “Frame and Receiver Rule” adds extra scrutiny but not harming online FFL credit card processing approvals

On March 21st of this year, the ATF issued an advisory letter about last year’s rules updates on “readily convertible weapons.”

In April 2022, the Department of Justice issued a final rule that they say “modernizes the definition of a firearm.” This rule states that partially complete frames or receivers that are “readily” convertible to firearms are subject to the same regulations as firearms made by licensed manufacturers. This means that anyone selling these items and kits must be licensed to sell firearms (FFL) and comply with all of the requirements of the Gun Control Act, including serialization and background checks.

What changed in terms of frames and receivers

Recently, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives issued a public safety advisory to the firearms industry and the public, highlighting the importance of compliance with the new rule. In addition, the advisory warns that ATF will prioritize investigations involving deliberate efforts to violate the provisions of the Gun Control Act regulating the manufacture and sale of firearm frames and receivers.

Senior Legal Fellow with the Heritage Foundation, Amy Swearer, wrote an extensive piece on last year’s changes – to which the AFT’s new advisory letter refers. Although the subject matter diverges from the subjects covered in this FFL payment processing blog, it’s worth checking out.

How does the Frame and Recvier Rule impact FFL payment gateways and firearms merchant accounts?

As an online payment gateway provider for FFL dealers, we’re happy to help FFL dealers accept credit card payments. However, some of the processes have tightened a bit. For example – an FFL is generally required for any online merchant selling firearms parts – although not all accessories – even if certain firearms components do not require an FFL to sell or manufacture. Additionally, online payment processing for ammunition sellers is unchanged, and unless you are a manufacturer, an FFL is often not required.

Have questions about accepting credit card payments for FFL transfers or tactical items online? Contact us for free friendly advice