High-risk spotlight: Kentico

Building and maintaining websites for high-risk product types can be a hassle, especially when you have to use multiple software platforms together to add content, manage your database, offer upsells, measure results, and achieve your goals. Whether you’re building or maintaining e-commerce websites for high-risk products like MLM’s or an online FFL store, building online communities, or providing a platform for content marketers, Kentico makes everything easy and smooth.

Is your high-risk business ready for the next level?

Kentico is an all-in-one platform for content management and design online. Although it is not designed specifically with high-risk merchants in mind, Kentico remains an excellent choice for high-risk businesses. It’s a powerful platform that contains easy to use tools to design and maintain websites. It also allows you to market and sell products or brands, provide online collaboration for your team, create online communities of customers or clients, and more. Kentico is truly the next level for a CMS, e-commerce, or marketing business.

Out of the box, no matter what you sell

One of the most attractive features of Kentico is its usefulness from the first time you turn it on. With 50% more built-in tools than its competitors, you will be finishing projects in no time, and because the platform is all inclusive you don’t have to worry about software functionality problems, Kentico will perform seamlessly, giving you more time to get real work done. We also make Kentico even easier; with a payment gateway and high-risk merchant account recommendation from Tasker Payment Gateways you can easily connect Kentico regardless of your (legal) product type, even if you have been told by a processor you are in a prohibited category. This will allow you to process credit cards right from the get-go, and you’ll be able to feature high-risk products on your sites. With Kentico and a high-risk friendly payment gateway and merchant account recommendation from us, you will truly be ready to sell to your maximum potential.

Customizable and easy to use, even for high-risk merchants 

Kentico was designed with 2 major points in mind; make it customizable, so the customer can provide the image and style they desire, and make it easy to use so customers aren’t spending hours updating and correcting things. Create rule-based discounts and have numerous analytic tools at your disposal to find the best way to attract the customers you want. They also provide one-on-one training with you to ensure you know how to do everything you want with your business.

Consolidate e-commerce systems and increase profit

Kentico is probably not for the small start-up business. It’s design and full functionality makes it useful for high-risk marketers who have multiple web-clients, or e-commerce merchants who have many web-stores with various categories of products (if this is you, check out the NMI  gateway with its ability to manage all your merchant accounts from one simple gateway log-in). Kentico simplifies managing all of your projects, teams, businesses, communities, etc. so you can have an organized, powerful, and dynamic platform to help you run your business. Look into Kentico, it may be a perfect fit for your high-risk business.