Basic information often needed for high-risk payments

When you are looking for a high-risk payment gateway and or processing recommendation for a product you have been told is a “prohibited category” you will often be asked for some, or most of the information below. IT’s OK if you “don’t know” or are early in the process too. Simply contact us with any questions and we will help however we can.

We often try to understand the following items so we can best assist you with a payment gateway, a chargeback mitigation service, or even a merchant account recommendation. You do not need them all in place before an initial conversation though and often times more, or less is needed. Contact us to find out your best next steps, it is best to contact us first, and the list below is often DRAMATICALLY shorter depending on your needs.

You may need to provide any of the following items to a high-risk processor for approval.

  • Legal company name and DBA(s):
  • Country(s) of registration:
  • List URL(s) and checkout pages.
  • (Provide sample Username and Password if possible)
  • Owners` citizenship / Countries of legal residencies
  • Owners` name(s)
  • Have you accepted credit cards before?

If yes, with whom, and for how many months?

  • Have you applied with anyone in the last 12 months?

If so, with whom?

  • Have you had a merchant account shut off, if so for what reason? Have you ever had a processing application declined?
  • What is your estimated credit card processing volume this month? Months 3, 6, 12?
  • Average transaction amount:
  • Highest transaction amount:
  • If it were less complex to be approved at a lower maximum sale amount would you be open to processing higher sales through other methods only?
  • Are you an MLM? Affiliate program? Multi-tier?
  • Recurring billing: (Yes or No)

If Yes, describe model:

  • Is this a discounted trial / free trial offer?
  • Do you offer any memberships, guarantees, or access that extends beyond 90 days, often referred to as “future services”?
  • If you do, and it was less complex to be approved for shorter-term offers only would that be acceptable? For example, would you consider changing an annual billing to a monthly recurring?
  • Why are you applying for a new merchant account, and what is most important to you about this new merchant account? For example: “need additional volume, the ability to seamlessly integrate with our XYZ shopping card CRM is most important”

Please do NOT wait until you have all the items above before calling, often we can be very helpful even if you are early in the process. Please contact us anytime to discuss any information on this site. We are always happy to offer some friendly advice.