Credit card fraud moving online

Last year, the US saw an upgrade to face to face credit card security with the release of the EMV security chip in American credit cards. This has had an unintended, yet predictable, side effect: fraudsters are moving back to online tactics and away from brick and mortar retail.

According to this Bloomberg article, the amount of online fraud went up 40% in 2016, leading to huge spending in the online security industry. Juniper Research estimates online retailors and financial institutions will spend over $9.2 billion by 2020 on fraud detection. Even more disturbing, is the rising number of bots being used to commit fraud. Now fraudsters can simply create a program that monitors online payments and records the account numbers.

Learn more from this article, and if you want more info on what the government says about online fraud, check out the link about online fraud. The best way to prevent fraud is to know as much as you can.

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