Templatic for WordPress: High-risk friendly software spotlight

Customizable high-risk compatible WordPress themes that stand out

One of the best parts about the e-commerce industry is the limitless customization options, and ability to change on a dime each website owner has. High-risk merchants must navigate processor requirements, make a/b test result reactions, and respond to regulatory changes at a moment’s notice. Additionally, with the huge amount of competition in common high-risk industries like vape and e-juice, or online FFL sales, no one wants a bland website that leaves visitors unimpressed, and sends them off to find the same products from a site that makes them feel like they are getting something more of value. If you haven’t put much time or effort into making your website stand out, the time is always now. You may want to check out Templatic for WordPress. We have no association, or agreements with them, but have heard a thing or two, and Templatic is essentially a premium theme distributor with many themes designed specifically for e-commerce. They are a smaller outfit, so you can have a sleek and eye-catching design for your high-risk website that does not “look like everyone else” and have it without any of the ordinary hassle of programming and designing a theme yourself.

Payment processing made easy with Tasker Payment Gateways and a Templatic theme

Fortunately Thematic comes ready to integrate with high-risk friendly options like Authorize.Net or through NMIPlease note, as always, a high-risk friendly gateway must be paired with a high-risk friendly processor, please contact us anytime for suggestions. – We can easily help you get set up by recommending a merchant account and by helping you integrate your site. We also don’t mind guiding you through the process step by step to ensure everything is done properly and you don’t have any issues with your secure payment gateway once you’re up and running. We have great recommendations for those who are categorized as “high-risk” by banks or other payment processing providers.

Versatile, responsive and optimized for search

Templatic has over 95 themes for you to customize and make your own. They do more than give you access – Templatic will install the theme plugins and all necessary software for you so you don’t have to wonder if your website will function properly. Many themes are of a responsive design and will adapt automatically to mobile users. There are also language translation WordPress themes that make sure your business communicates in every corner of the globe. Themes come setup for SEO friendly use so, with just a little bit of extra info, you can fight your way up the ranks quickly. Please contact us with any questions.