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How to sign up for Shopify and high-risk processing

As you know, at Tasker Payment Gateways we specialize in high-risk payment gateways, merchant account recommendations, and e-commerce solutions that facilitate online sales. The feedback many of our clients give us for Shopify is amazing. Some websites, though, find the Shopify terms to be a challenge. Others have concerns with the surcharge many site owners pay when they are not allowed to use Shopify payments.

None of the links below are Shopify affiliate links, they are all straight links to Shopify provided as a convenience. If you would like advice on high-risk payment gateways for industries like CBD, vape, pipes and glassware, FFL, cigar, or tactical sites, please contact us here.

Looking to sign up for Shopify? Get started with their free 14-day trial here

Shopify and high-risk

Shopify is one of the very best high-risk e-commerce platforms for a significant variety of business types. It’s the option of choice for many site owners. The platform allows for seamless integration with various high-risk merchant accounts through the Authorize.Net payment gateway – when set up correctly. With a Shopify store, we can assist you, and you will be able to easily manage your products and services. This is even true of highly regulated products and services like vape, online cigars, pipes and glassware, FFL sales, or tactical items.

However, when setting up a Shopify store for high-risk sales, you need to realize that the Shopify Payments, out of the box solution may not work. Luckily, Shopify is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate most high-risk websites.

If you’ve struggled to find an e-commerce platform that caters to your high-risk needs, we highly advise you to consider what Shopify has to offer. But, before you do, make sure you know how to set up your high-risk payments correctly by contacting us first.

How to sign up for Shopify and high-risk processing - Tasker Payment Gateway quote image

How to start selling high-risk products on Shopify

Signing up for Shopify is a great option for a host of merchant types. Websites selling products like vape and e-juice, premium cigars, tactical items, or FFL sales fall within the high-risk category. This means that your online store will need a merchant account and a payment gateway that can process your products and services without the risk of being shut down for being in a prohibited category. Shopify is a great platform that can facilitate the payment processing you need. Getting started with Shopify is very intuitive, and we will also outline the steps below. However, it is critical that you get started on the right foot. You want to make sure that you have a payment gateway and a high-risk merchant account that will support you from day one.  We can help you get started using Shopify by pairing you with some of the best high-risk payment gateways and high-risk merchant accounts in the business. Simply use the contact form below, and we can get started helping you get ready to sell your products on Shopify!

Contact us for a high-risk gateway

Shopify is a highly intuitive e-commerce store. However, you should always practice care and attention when setting up online stores and online payment processing. In other words, while you will find a host of support through Shopify themselves, you need to make sure you get the best advice for high-risk merchants in your specific category. There are many different types of industries that are considered high-risk, and the best payment gateway option is often different depending on the individual high-risk business type. In general, Authorize.Net is a fantastic payment gateway to use for Shopify. This is especially the case for FFL e-commerce sites, online vape/e-liquid stores, and online cigar stores. We can get you set up quickly and efficiently with an Authorize.Net account properly configured with high-risk processing fit for your business. Read more about selecting the back end processor for Authorize.Net here.  Once this is done, you’re almost set to start selling on your brand new Shopify store!

Sign up for Shopify

Shopify 14 day free trialAs we’ve mentioned, the Shopify signup form and process is very intuitive. If you feel prepared and don’t feel that you need a guide, you can get started with Shopify’s free 14-day trial here. However, to give you more of an overview before you get started, this is how to sign up for Shopify:

  1. Enter your email, create a password, and insert the name of your store. If your store name is already taken, don’t worry – Shopify will let you know.
  2. Provide further information, like “name,” “contact phone number,” “address,” and “country.”
  3. Enter your product information.

That’s signing up for Shopify in a nutshell. It’s a very well made sign-up process, so if you’re ever unsure what the answer is to one of their questions, there’s an option to say just that. However, with our help, we will be able to guide you through the process to make sure all the details are correct from the get-go. After this initial setup phase, you’ll be directed to your brand new Shopify store admin screen.

Integrate your new Shopify gateway with a drop-down menu

You have now set up your Shopify store account, we’ve helped make sure your Authorize.Net account is properly set up, and you’re ready to integrate your payment gateway. While Shopify comes with Shopify Payments as their out-of-the-box payment gateway, it’s not well suited for high-risk merchants. Luckily, this obstacle is easy to overcome. Shopify has a simple drop-down menu where you can change your payment gateway preference to third-party providers. These credit card processors can be “direct providers” or “external providers.” This is where you integrate your Authorize.Net payment gateway through their drop-down menu.

Shopify with Authorize.net integration

Add Authorize.Net as your payment provider on Shopify

Adding Authorize.Net as your payment provider for your Shopify store is very straightforward. This is the process you’ll follow:

  1. Access your Admin Page and click on “Settings,” then on “Payment Providers”
  2. Move to “Accept Credit Cards” and click on “Add a Provider.”
  3. Select “Third Party Credit Card Provider”
  4. Click on Authorize.Net from the drop-down menu.
  5. Enter your relevant account information
  6. Click “Activate”

It’s as simple as that! You should be aware, though, that in step 2 you might have to click “Change Provider” rather than “Add Provider.” The reason for this is that you can only have one active payment provider at a time. Now you are all set and ready to sell your high-risk products through your fully fledged Shopify Store. Contact us today and we will be able to get you started selling your products on Shopify with the high-risk merchant accounts and payment gateways you need.