Pokémon Go and your business

We know it sounds absurd, but honestly, if it fits with your overall business in some way it may be a good idea for you to incorporate some type of (legal, licensed) product related to Pokémon in your e-commerce store. Why? Well other than the amount of online traffic related to the word itself, this is a trend that hasn’t died down since its inception in 1995. Now the release of Pokémon Go has created an overnight sensation, and in the last year, Pokémon has increased its merchandise value by 105% from July ’15 to July ’16 according to IR Retailer.

One thing is for sure is that there will continue to be a growth in the merchandising of this never-ending brand that dates back decades, so having some products in your e-commerce store would only help your sales and likely your SEO as well if properly executed and marketed.

So what are you waiting for? Go Catch ‘em all! (The customers, that is.)