High-Risk payments and EZ Register

Managing and setting up events is a business in itself. So if you are an event coordinator, an entertainment business, a “high-risk,” coaching and training, or network marketing/ MLM organization or any other business that sets up and manages events, there’s a good chance you use EZ Register, an industry leader in event coordination technology. If you aren’t, you might want to look them up!

Multiple payment options for EZ Register

You can use the EZ register out of the box payment method, or shop around and use your own processing gateway combo. You can connect via Authorize.Net, or NMIusing their gateway emulator, and use any processor that fits your needs (contact us for high-risk recommendations). Collecting payments via credit card has never been easier for your event. EZ Register uses tools like automated limits on specific tickets or accepting offline payments and more to give you control over your event, including creating discount codes. For many merchants, the conventional EZ Register payment processing works great, for others such as those involved in businesses deemed “high-risk” such business opportunity events, or make money from home seminars may find they need to source their own processing. If that sounds like you, we can help you with a high-risk processing payment gateway combo that fits your business.

Simple event promotion and management 

Once you have payment processing in place you can use EZ Register to promote your event by linking your event to social media, creating tags and short-links to make it easy to get the word out. EZ Register integrates easily into your website and social media pages. Best of all you can easily export your event information and registrant info and transfer it to your email marketing programs.

Managing your event is simple and quick in EZ Registers admin system. Registering multiple admins or host accounts lets you grant access to the people who need it. You can run reports and also set reminders for specific things to make sure you get it all done on time! Create electronic tickets to scan with iOS entry system to use Apple-related products at your event, and even export .csv or .xls files for offline management or your “will call” office.

Need help with accepting payments with EZ Register?

It’s easy to see why EZ Register is an industry leader used by huge corporations and small businesses to help them run their events as efficiently as possible.  We help businesses of all types, especially those struggling with finding payment gateways and processing collect payments online.  If you are having trouble with traditional EZ Register payment processing because your business is considered high risk, then contact us for some friendly advice.

Remember we will help you integrate Authorize.Net or NMI – via the Gateway Emulator-  and guide you every step of the way to ensure you are getting the service you deserve! Call us anytime with questions about payment gateways or how we can help businesses of almost any kind get up and running with compatible high-risk payments acceptance.