Duda Mobile offers all merchants, including commonly prohibited category and high-risk merchants, payment acceptance options.

Upgrade your Website or Store!

If you are ready for a fast, easy, responsive and mobile website platform that integrates with high-risk friendly gateways like NMI, you should look into Duda Mobile. The Duda mobile website builder creates a responsive mobile site. It takes a lot of the hassle out of rebuilding your website for mobile when you know you need to upgrade the look or style. This is especially if you have multiple sites or if you build websites as a service.  Duda offers many options in addition to mobile that can be viewed on their site.

NMI High-Risk compatibility Opens Up Your Options

Duda mobile website builder can be used to build a mobile website using most NMI compatible carts.  This opens up a world of high-risk processing options for many hard to place merchants like glassware, vaping, and supplement merchants. Duda also offers the ability to use buy-now buttons through NMI. Contact us anytime for high-risk payment acceptance recommendations.

Built In Marketing Software

Duda has many built-in features, but one of the most outstanding is the on-site marketing tool. You can design your site to recognize first visitors and returning ones, and respond accordingly, along with many other specific ways to entice your visitors into buying again, or for the first time. Upselling has never been easier with tools like these.

Easy Admin Use For Resellers

If you are a designer or reseller not only does Duda enable you to white label your brand on their web products, they also make administering websites you oversee a breeze. Assign clients and or members of your team to certain tasks or administrative abilities, streamline your projects and have access to Priority Support virtually any time.

Quick and Painless Building

Designed for ease of use and scalability, Duda gives you the ability to quickly build a website with a graphic interface. If however you prefer getting into the code Duda also allows you to go in and play until your heart is content. Make that website exactly the way you want it. Not only is creating a site from scratch easy, but you can also import your client’s current site just from entering the url, so you don’t have to wait for your customer to send you documents or files.