Agora Cart, Affordable and High-Risk Friendly

A Cart With You In Mind

When it comes to shopping carts, there are a million programs out there, but not all of them hold the merchant’s interests at heart. Agora Cart is an open source cart program for your e-commerce website that has and will always focus on the end user, you.  With reasonable one-time payments for lifetime usage and options for building your web-store, Agora Cart is a powerful asset to any e-commerce business.

Payment Flexibility

Agora cart integrates easily with Authorize.Net and NMI giving high-risk merchants such as electronic cigarette sites, or online FFL dealers a host of  “common prohibited category” friendly merchant account options. Please contact us anytime for recommendations on payment processors,  or to get set up with a high-risk gateway.

Open Sourced Goodness

As previously mentioned Agora Cart is open source, which means programmers can build their widgets and add-ons to increase the power. This also opens up those options for those of us who don’t program, by going to the forums for “Agora-nauts” and looking through the community, and see what it has to offer that might make your job a lot easier. Being open source Agora Cart to be more flexible than even the most expensive cart and e-commerce software solutions, as often these additions are free for you. Agora Cart has templates you can use, or you can build your web store from scratch.  There is no limit to the number of products or categories you can have with Agora Cart and it is already loaded with multiple tax rates, over ten shipping methods, so you have more flexibility right out of the gate. Agora Cart is also SSL and Shared SSL compatible, giving you a potential advantage in the SEO and security side of things.

Secure and Supportive

With Agora Cart you will feel comfortable knowing if anything goes wrong there is a great support service, as well as a community forum full of information and instructions. If you are looking for a great customizable e-commerce cart for your web-store, you should research Agora Cart.