Referrals are amazing things. I have witnessed the power of referrals first hand with my wife. She is an excellent shopper and is the ultimate deal finder. Routinely she shops on websites for things like gifts, clothing, housewares, etc. When she buys these low-cost items she naturally needs to share in this triumph with a friend. Her friend will then gush over her purchase, sign up as a member of whatever website and my wife will earn points, cash, or more junk……ahem, I mean very valuable things. This is not unusual, it is the norm, adding an incentive for your customers so they are rewarded for being your advocate can help tremendously.

If you are interested in starting a referral program you may want to read this article from Kiss Metrics, it’s a good post.

Did you know, Tasker Payment Gateways is still mostly referral based? Many of our customers find us online and others hear about us through other merchants, their web developer, or even through a friendly competitor who thinks we may be able to place a high risk, or hard to place payment gateway client for them quickly, and painlessly.