How important is Big Data for small business?

There are many strategies to effectively attract new customers, and managing data is one of them. Everyone is talking about data these days, as if it’s the most valuable thing to e-commerce. Important as it may be, it’s certainly no substitute for an efficient and organized site that brings in its own traffic and funnels business to well written, optimized sale pages. “Big Data” is an incredible tool and it has rapidly changed the e-commerce world in the past few years. Alternatively, there is such thing as too much and/or inadequate data as this Kissmetrics article details.

Discretion is everything

What do you do if you’ve acquired so much data that you can’t determine what is relevant or how to properly use it? You could buy bigger storage plans but what will that get you? – Higher costs and an overwhelmed IT team.  This question has prompted many e-commerce marketers to begin enforcing higher standards on what data they keep. A structured data analysis plan combined with an orderly e-commerce store should give your customers a sense of satisfaction and security.

Do you need to store and manage every contact that you have ever pitched, even those who are not now, and never will be interested? Do you need to store the IP address of all past clients? – Probably not.

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