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High-risk payment gateways for vape POD sales –

At Tasker Payment Gateways, we specialize in payment gateways and merchant account recommendations for high-risk – or regulated – online sales. We set up vape POD site owners with payment gateways that work for their products and allow them to process online payments using common website builders like Shopify, PrestaShop, and WooCommmerce. We also offer little known high-risk payment gateway solutions for Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace.

We work with vape POD websites that sell nicotine and we also work with CBD websites in order to allow them to accept credit cards.

NOTE: Due to the sweeping changes caused by Congress passing the Jenkins/PACT Act, we feel that all new and established online vape merchants must sit with a qualified attorney before shipping any products online. 

Over the last couple of years, the technology in the vape market has improved a lot, and a new product has grown to be a consumer favorite: vape PODs.

Unfortunately, whenever there is a new product, especially one in a heavily regulated industry like nicotine delivery, website owners are more likely to find themselves unable to accept credit cards online. Most common payment gateways, like Stripe, Square, and PayPal are wary of new product types and regulated items in general. Tasker Vape Image

If you’re selling vape PODs, also called “ultra-portable systems,” then we can help you accept credit cards online. We’re here for you. Simply contact us here or use the contact form at the bottom of this post.

What is a vape POD, and why do vapers use them?

While vape POD systems have already been around for a while, it’s not as familiar to most as vape pens and tanks are. If you’re planning on launching your vape and e-liquid high-risk site, you should definitely keep POD systems in mind. Here are some reasons why:

  • Vape POD systems do not leak as often. This is a big one for many vapers. Not only do they not need to carry around an e-liquid bottle, but they also won’t experience any leaks from the vaporizer itself. Because of how POD systems are designed, it is very unlikely it will leak. It’s that simple and it’s a massive plus for vapers everywhere.
  • It’s capable of handling much higher levels of nicotine. When you compare the vape PODs to e-cigarette pens, they’re able to vaporize e-liquids with much higher nicotine levels without impacting taste or smoothness.
  • Refills with compact and easy cartridges. POD systems work differently than tanks and vape pens, which use juice bottles for refillable e-juice tanks. Vape PODs use pre-made, disposable cartridges.
  • POD systems are generally cheaper than tank systems. Vape PODs often cost half of what a tank system would. They’re competitively priced compared to vape pens while providing generally higher performance.

The problem for vape websites isn’t the products or the demand, but rather finding a way to accept credit card payments for your products without unnecessary problems. This is where we come in. We can help find the perfect merchant account for you, not to mention integrate it with a high-risk friendly payment gateway.

Why do vape POD websites have a hard time processing payments?

The problems that vape site owners have to overcome are something that many high-risk site owners experience. Being categorized as a high-risk industry does mean having to overcome some challenges that more standard merchants don’t come across.

There are a few reasons why you’ll be placed in the high-risk category when you’re selling vape PODs. One of the main factors is the ever-changing FDA regulations that apply to the vape industry. There are multiple laws and regulations you need to adhere to, and this environment makes credit card processors increase their risk assessment of vape businesses. You can keep up on the latest vape processing news and check out our ongoing Vape Payment Processor Updates page.

Beyond regulations, processors that accept vape POD merchants also have more internal checks and balances. For example, you’ll need to adhere to strict age verification processes and the processor will need to verify that.

Three things you need to sell vape PODs online

Selling vape PODs online doesn’t need to be an overwhelming experience. With the right high-risk setup, you’ll be able to sell your products efficiently and comfortably. In order for you to do this, you need a few things.

Legal advice

Sit with an attorney that understands the FDA and your local laws. Selling nicotine online without legal advice is a bad idea. Selling any CBD products online without consulting an attorney is a bad idea.

Vape merchant account

A high-risk merchant account is a critical part of selling vape products online. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many merchant service providers who offer accounts that will work for vape site owners. However, we can use our experience in the industry to give you merchant account recommendations that will work for you.

Payment gateway

Another vital element you’ll need in order to accept credit cards online for vape PODs is a high-risk payment gateway. The gateway is the software that makes all the components work together. It connects to your site builder and merchant account and allows you to accept payments easily. However, it needs to be set up properly – with high-risk processing on the back end. If you want assistance we’re more than happy to provide you with any help you need to set up your high-risk processing correctly.

Some site builders, like Weebly, Squarespace and Wix require an extra step to enable integration with a high-risk processor. Contact us to learn more.

Does Authorize.Net allow vape PODs?

Yes. You can sell vape PODs using Authorize.Net, but you should use the Authorize.Net piece as the payment gateway only. Generally, you need a gateway reseller to connect the gateway to vape friendly processing to avoid an account being shut down. This is what Tasker Payment Gateways LLC assists with. You can learn more about our company on our about us page.

Payment gateways, like Authorize.Net, can be very confusing to new online merchants. Authorize.Net is often thought of as an all in one solution when if fact Authorize.Net is primarily a software service. You can read more about this on our dedicated Authorize.Net high-risk merchant account page. 

How Tasker Payment Gateways can help with vape POD payment gateways

At Tasker Payment Gateways, we specialize in helping high-risk merchants with merchant account recommendations and setting them up with a suitable payment gateway. If you’re a vape POD merchant or if you’re looking to start selling vape PODs on your existing online store, we’ll be able to recommend no rolling reserve vape friendly merchant accounts and great rates.

We know that user-friendliness is important, and you’ll want a payment gateway that is compatible with popular shopping carts and site builders. We can help set you up using popular e-commerce software like WooCommerce or Shopify for your online vape sales. Additionally, we have terrific workarounds that allow websites built on Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace to connect to alternative high-risk payment gateways.

If you need help accepting payments in an easy and reliable way, we’re here for you.

We offer payment gateway, merchant account combos that work with vape PODs, even for your bulk nicotine e-juice sales. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation about your vape business today.