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5 site builders that work for survival and prepper websites

We recommend high-risk friendly payment gateways and help survival and prepper website owners like you with easily integrated merchant processing recommendations.

However, we also want to use the wealth of experience we’ve gained over the years to help you find a website builder and shopping cart that works well with your “prepper supply friendly” merchant processing.

Tasker Payment Gateways is an A+ BBB accredited business that focuses on making it easier for high-risk site owners to accept credit card payments for their products. Over the years, we’ve gained valuable experience recommending shopping carts, platforms, site builders, and (of course) tactical payment gateways and merchant accounts.

Some site builders simply do not have enough payment flexibility for your prepper or survivalist website to accept payments for the variety of products you need to succeed. You can’t run a survival site without the ability to sell high-risk items like brush clearing machetes or bear spray. A restrictive merchant account payment gateway will destroy your sales.

We often speak to business owners who have spent dozens of hours working on a website only to discover that there are no easily set up survivalist supply credit card payment integrations within their site builder.

The goal of this article is to help you prevent these unnecessary headaches. So let’s get to it – the site builders that can work for prepper supply and survivalist e-commerce.

Can you use any site builder for survival and prepper product sales?

When you’re selling survival products like pepper spray, non-lethal weapons, and other prepper products, you’re running what’s called a high-risk business.

While that certainly shouldn’t stop you in your tracks when selling online, it does make things a little more challenging. Where other e-commerce stores can easily take advantage of the wealth of fantastic site builders and platforms out there, it’s a little more difficult for survival sites.

Some site builders make it effectively impossible for you to sell common survival items. Below we discuss some alternatives.

High-risk friendly payment gateway options are crucial

The heart of the matter is that you need specialized, high-risk friendly payment gateways – that can be integrated with high-risk processing that works for your business. In other words, there aren’t as many platforms available that make it easy to integrate an appropriate third-party payment gateway.

An equally important issue is that many launch their site without knowing they’re considered high-risk and inadvertently break the terms and conditions of the site builder. All in all, it’s not an ideal situation for anyone involved.

This is why we focus as much as we do on offering expert high-risk advice and tips for all high-risk site owners. Knowledge can make a big difference in how easily you can run your business – and a little help and support goes a long way.

The platforms and site builders that work for tactical e-commerce

With enough creative solutions, there are ways to make most site builders technically functional. However, you want a merchant account payment gateway combination that will not only make it easy for you to accept credit card payments for survival products – you also want one that makes it easy to maintain and run your online prepper business in the long run.

The site builders and platforms we recommend for prepper and survivalist e-commerce are:

However – and this is a big caveat – all these platforms need to be properly set up for high-risk processing on the backend. None of them necessarily come ready to process and accept credit card payments for high-risk product sales “out of the box.”

If you need any help setting up a payment gateway or need a merchant account recommendation for your tactical e-commerce site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here. We’re always more than happy to offer some friendly, honest advice that can save you from unnecessary headaches and stress down the line.

A quick note- WooCommerce and online prepper products

WooCommerce is one of our favorite high-risk e-commerce solutions, and we often recommend them to a wide variety of business types. One of the biggest positives from using the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress is that it’s an open-source e-commerce plugin for an open-source site builder.

What this means is that you are free to use it as you please (to an extent). It offers a lot more freedom than non-open source solutions do, simply due to the fact that site builders and platforms like Shopify need to adhere to stricter guidelines.

Don’t get us wrong, Shopify is fantastic, and we do list them among the best solutions for site builders that work for survival e-commerce. Similarly, BigCommerce is awesome for survival sites, without the added fees that other site-builders charge for not using theirs out of the box payments. It’s simply that you can get different benefits from different solutions.

We often recommend WooCommerce for online tactical product sales. It’s a very complete solution that offers plenty of freedom for you to easily get the design and functionality you want for your online shop.

Are Wix and Squarespace OK for survival and prepper sites?

In the past, selling a wide range of high-risk products was possible natively through Wix. However, times have changed, and you now need a little bit of a workaround in order to sell high-risk products on Wix.

Squarespace has always needed a workaround to integrate a high-risk payment gateway into Squarespace.

We’re happy to say that we’ve found a way to accept high-risk credit card payments on Wix and Squarespace, and its name is Foxy.io.

Foxy makes it possible for you to easily add a shopping cart that supports a prepper friendly payment gateway, like NMI or Authorize.Net, to your Wix store. This allows you to take full advantage of the many great features you’ll get through Wix – chief among them is their fantastic, easy to use, drag-and-drop site builder.

Setting up payments is not as easy as signing up for Foxy, there are other steps so please read the articles below or contact us with any questions.

Check our article for more information on how to make your Wix site high-risk friendly with Foxy.io. or our deep dive into high-risk sites using Squarespace which talks in detail about using 3rd party solutions such as Foxy.io and Ecqid. 

Additionally, please check with Wix to ensure your products do not violate any of their non-payment specific terms and conditions.

How to find the best site builder for your prepper e-commerce site

If you need help finding the best site builder that will work for your survival e-commerce site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. There are many different factors that can make a big difference in terms of how easy it is for you to run your online survival business.

Some carts might require more coding, others might be a little more intricate, and some might be exceedingly easy to maintain once everything is set up right on the backend, but less flexible in their options.

It all depends on you and the unique aspects of your prepper, survival, or tactical e-commerce business. In other words, don’t hesitate to get some free advice and insights – we’re more than happy to help! You can get in touch with us here or through our contact form below.