Wix Payments prohibited products and services list –

Wix is one of the more popular e-commerce platforms out there, and its out-of-the-box payment gateway, Wix Payments, is an excellent gateway for most businesses.

What many might not know is that there are a variety of honest, legal products and services listed under Wix Payments’ Restricted and Prohibited Products and Services.

Software companies and payment processors usually label their high-risk restrictions as one of the following: “prohibited products,” “allowed use,” “restricted business activities,” or “prohibited activities.”

For most high-risk business owners, these are often problematic and generally result in being unable to sustainably use services like Wix Payments, Stripe, and PayPal.

Why some businesses have a hard time with Wix Payments

Your e-commerce store might not fit the standard allowed merchant categories for Wix Payments for a variety of reasons. Some obvious categories are naturally prohibited, for example, illicit drugs, pyramid schemes, illegal products/services, or products/services that support illegal activities.

While these are understandable, there remain many legitimate and legal products and business types that Wix Payments restricts. That’s not to say it’s due to any dubious activity. It’s merely due to the business model’s risk evaluations. For example, if a business type has a higher chargeback ratio than most others, it’s considered a “high-risk” business, and will often be prohibited. It could also be that the processor doesn’t have enough similar merchants on board already to judge their risk accordingly, or that the payment gateway provider is concerned with the potential for regulatory issues.

Products prohibited by Wix Payments

Tightly regulated and age-restricted products are another group of prohibited products and services. This includes products and businesses like CBD, FFL to FFL, online cigars, vape, and tactical e-commerce.

With prohibited products, laws, and regulations change over time. We recommend you get advice from a qualified attorney, read all your provider’s terms and conditions yourself, and of course, reach out to us for help setting up high-risk Wix payments.

Payment processors, like you and your business, need to take extra care in following rules and regulations when engaging in legally complex markets. Because “out of the box” or native payment gateways don’t specialize in dealing with these complex markets, they often simply refrain from offering them their services.

This is frustrating for those who set up their legitimate business website, only to realize that Wix’s out-of-the-box gateway, Wix Payments, doesn’t accept their product type. Below we address some common product types and businesses that can’t use Wix Payments, and what alternatives are available.

The good news is that Wix can be made high-risk friendly by using a correctly set up Authorize.Net or NMI account connected to high-risk processing.

Important: High-risk gateways are only high-risk friendly when configured correctly and paired with a high-risk merchant account on the back end. Contact us anytime, and we’ll happily talk to you about your unique payment needs.

Does Wix allow CBD?

The answer to that question is two-fold. Wix, the site builder, allows CBD businesses to use the platform. CBD, on the other hand, is listed as prohibited by their gateway Wix Payments and/or their financial partners.

Wix Payments lists CBD under their “prohibited products or services” together with the following products:

“Drugs, tools specifically intended for the production of drugs, drug paraphernalia, Illegal drugs, CBD, Hemp, substances designed to mimic illegal drugs, and/or other psychoactive products…”

While Wix Payments might not be an option, we have plenty of payment gateway alternatives and payment solutions that allow high-risk businesses to use their existing Wix site without having to start over from scratch.

How can I process CBD if it’s prohibited by Wix Payments?

With the right know-how and insights, it’s entirely possible to accept CBD payments using the Wix platform. We can help you swap out the Wix shopping cart with a verified 3rd party solution. Among the solutions we’ve identified for making Wix high-risk friendly is the Foxy.io shopping cart. By using Foxy with Wix, we can pair it with a high-risk, CBD friendly payment gateway like Authorize.Net and a CBD merchant account.

With our help, you’ll be able to easily and reliably accept payments for your CBD products through Foxy.io on Wix.

How can I process payments for cigars if Wix Payments prohibits it?

While all alcohol and tobacco sales, including cigars, are prohibited from using Wix Payments, there are reliable alternatives that will allow you to still use the Wix site you have already built.

The high-risk friendly payment gateway that works best with cigars is the Authorize.Net gateway. To use Authorize.Net with Wix, the best route we’ve found is through Foxy.io. If you need a cigar-friendly Authorize.Net account to handle online payments, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re more than happy to help and integrate Authorize.Net with Foxy and Wix for you.

How can I process FFL to FFL if it’s prohibited by Wix Payments?

FFL to FFL sales are on the list of businesses that are prohibited by Wix, mainly due to the tightly regulated nature of these businesses. While Wix does host sites created by FFL to FFL businesses, you will have to find an alternative payment solution to sell firearms and related products on their platform.

Luckily, we have a couple of solutions. The best way that we’ve found is to use Authorize.Net or NMI as your payment gateway. You can pair either of these with the shopping cart Foxy.io. Don’t worry if this sounds complicated – we’re more than happy to offer our advice, and we can even set everything up for you.

How can I process tactical items if Wix Payments prohibits it?

Although Wix is perfectly happy to host sites related to tactical items, unfortunately, their payment gateway (Wix Payments) includes tactical gear on its prohibited items list.

But, we can help. All you need is a high-risk friendly payment gateway and a compatible 3rd party shopping cart. The Authorize.Net gateway, paired with the Foxy.io shopping cart, is an excellent solution for selling tactical products on Wix. It works very well for our clients running high-risk businesses on a variety of platforms. We can help set it all up for you.

How can I process smoking accessories if it’s prohibited by Wix Payments?

Selling smoking accessories online is still tightly regulated, and it can be difficult to find a platform and payment solution that will allow you to sell headshop products online. Smoking accessories, like pipes and glass, are among Wix Payments’ prohibited items. That said, Wix does allow smoking accessory websites on their platform, and there are solutions available. We can help your pipe and glass site accept credit cards on Wix.

All we need to do is get set you up with a high-risk friendly payment gateway and then you can install a compatible shopping cart. Authorize.Net and NMI are both high-risk friendly, and Foxy.io is a shopping cart that will help integrate these payment gateways with your Wix online store. If you need any help setting everything up, please contact us.

How can I process vape if Wix Payments prohibits it?

Vape products are often on prohibited products lists, usually due to the age restrictions and regulations placed on this industry. Wix is no exception. Although you can host your online store on their platform, their out-of-the-box payment gateway, Wix Payments, will not support your product type.

We have solutions that can make your Wix site compatible with vape or e-liquid products. You can use a high-risk friendly payment gateway and integrate it properly with your Wix store. We’ve found that using the Foxy.io shopping cart with the Authorize.Net and NMI gateways are the best fits for selling e-cigarettes on Wix. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you need any help setting up your payment solution.

Where can I find the complete list of Wix Payments’ prohibited products?

Currently, it can be accessed on the Wix support site, under “payments.” It is called Wix Payments: Restricted and Prohibited Products and Services.

Get help finding Wix Payments alternatives for your business

We help legal US and Canadian high-risk business and have verified solutions for a wide range of business types. We are usually able to find solutions that work for your unique high-risk business. You can see our high-risk resource page for more information across industries, software, and platforms.

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