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CBD credit card processing for Squarespace – payment gateways and more

Finding online CBD credit card processing for your Squarespace website can be a challenge if you tackle it alone. However, there are plenty of little known payment gateway integrations available.

We make it easy for you to accept CBD payments online more stably and securely. We’ve helped high-risk website owners like you find the ideal payment gateway and merchant account combinations since 2002.

We know the high-risk payment processing industry inside and out. As an A+, BBB accredited business, we help legal US and Canadian CBD businesses find a way to navigate Squarespace’s CBD payment gateway options and limitations.

While Squarespace isn’t CBD friendly out of the box, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it. There are some excellent solutions available. Tasker Payment Gateways LLC makes it possible to set up reliable, CBD credit card payment gateways for Squarespace.

If you sell CBD online and have a Squarespace website, we’ll go through how you can set up alternative payment processing and gateways that will work with your existing Squarespace website. This way, you can avoid the restrictions that might come with Squarespace’s standard online payment options. Ultimately, we want to help you save on time, money, and frustration by giving you solutions that work.

CBD credit card processing for Squarespace - quote image

CBD friendly payment gateways are a must

If you run an American or Canadian CBD business and you’ve invested both money and time into creating your Squarespace website – only to find out that the “out of the box” payment options won’t work with Squarespace – you’re not alone.

Thousands of Squarespace site owners have come across the same issue. Many start worrying whether they need to completely abandon the website they’ve spent ages creating to find a different platform in order to accept credit cards online for their CBD products.

After all, as many of you might already know, neither Stripe nor PayPal is always capable of processing payments for CBD stably or effectively. Don’t worry, though. We have alternative payment processing solutions for your Squarespace CBD site.

If you found that Stripe or PayPal prohibit your product, let us help you get your Squarespace website set up with a CBD friendly payment gateway that works for you. Contact us here to start accepting credit cards for your products.

How to accept payments on Squarespace for CBD products

With the right payment gateway, the correct merchant account, and the right third-party shopping cart, you’ll get more stable Squarespace CBD credit card processing!

As you might know from our earlier articles, our 3rd party cart recommendations work very well for high-risk Squarespace e-commerce, including CBD.

We set up high-risk business owners like you with payment systems that integrate with agile shopping cart e-commerce solutions that are mobile-ready, cross-platform compatible, and integrate intelligently with a wide range of site-builders and e-commerce platforms – including Squarespace CBD sites.

We make it easy for you to accept payments on Squarespace seamlessly. Our trusted, independent partners and agents will easily connect CBD friendly payment gateways for you.

Using the Tasker Payment Gateways LLC method, our partners will often set you up with a high-risk payment gateway like Authorize.Net and connect it to a high-risk merchant account to ensure that the processing on the back-end works perfectly for your product type.

Authorize.Net is one of our clear favorites. When set up correctly for CBD, with the right shopping cart, and the correct CBD merchant account on the back-end, it’s a fantastic gateway.

Set up Squarespace with Authorize.Net for CBD – step by step

  1. Contact us here and let us know that you need help accepting payments for CBD on Squarespace.
  2. A dedicated, independent rep will then contact you – when they do, we recommend that you speak to them for a few minutes by phone and discuss your website, exactly what products you plan on selling, and what your timelines are.
  3. We will recommend the most appropriate 3rd party Squarespace cart, replacing the stock Squarespace cart with one that allows for more diverse integrations – all while keeping your Squarespace site intact.
  4. We will recommend a high-risk merchant account that’s CBD friendly. We’ll make sure it fits your business and integrates with both Authorize.Net and your new 3rd party shopping cart.
  5. Your rep will then assist you with everything you need to set up your CBD payment processing.

It’s that simple when you’re running a CBD Squarespace e-commerce site from the United States or Canada.

If you’d like to start accepting credit cards for CBD on your Squarespace site, simply use the form below or contact us here to start. We’d love to help you grow your business and process payments with ease.