Payment gateways for online firearms dealers

Now offering the option of Authorize.Net merchant accounts in addition to ePN or NMI payment gateways for e-commerce FFL’s looking to sell firearms online.

As a BBB accredited A+ rated provider, we will set up your online firearms or ammunition business with an FFL friendly payment gateway. We partner with a host of gun friendly credit card processors to help Federal Firearms Licensees like you find best merchant account options for your business. In an environment where some formerly firearms friendly processors and software solutions have taken a politically correct, risk-averse stance, our tested and vetted recommendations have hung tough and continue to offer seamless integration with FFL compatible payment gateways such as NMI, eProcessing Network/ePN, and Authorize.Net along with easy auction site integration. We help one on one with set-up and do so at no additional cost to you.

A vetted payment acceptance solution, for your FFL business

Contact us anytime, within a few business hours we will recommend an industry-friendly solution that will help you process credit & debit cards at your retail gun store or on your website. While other card processors continue to walk away from law abiding Federal Firearms Licensees who sell online, our recommended processors have continued to embrace Internet-based and retail gun dealers and appreciate your business. These tested, stable, gateways and processors work with thousands of FFLs and offer a variety of payment solutions. We can help you with a quick, free recommendation whether you are looking to swipe cards at your store, a gun show, or online via a payment gateway connected to your Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce site – or just about any common web platform out there. Whatever your website is built on, we can almost certainly help, just contact us and we will get right back to you.

Our recommended merchant account providers offer the following:

  • Thousands of FFL dealers and years of history in the industry
  • Nationwide leaders in processing for firearms and pawn shops, offering e-commerce accounts
  • Authorize.Net accounts for online gun sales when that’s the best fit (FFL friendly Authorize.Net and processing combo)
  • Drop ship firearms, ammunition sales applications accepted
  • One on one set up, and personal support for as long as you are up and running

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