NMI and Volution for vape websites

Volusion is a powerful and often less expensive option for e-commerce websites of all industries, but it is especially useful for high-risk sites selling vape, e-juice, cigars, glass pipe sales or supplies like grinders, coils, and batteries. High-risk merchants need the flexibility and high-risk merchant account options of a high-risk payment gateway like NMI. We have already gone over the reasons why Volusion is an excellent platform for high-risk merchants, so in this post, we will be concentrating on how to integrate Volusion with NMI, and some of the special advantages the two can bring your e-commerce store.

How to Integrate Volusion with the NMI payment gateway

Fortunately, integrating your Volution vape site with NMI is very easy

  • Log into your Volution account, go to your payment processing setup and enter the gateway name (NetworkMerchants).
  • Type your NMI username in “custom 1”.
  • Leave the “custom 2” field blank.
  • Enter your NMI password in custom 3, and that’s it. Pretty simple, right?

There are however some first steps you need to make before you can move forward, such as setting up an account with an NMI reseller like us (NMI does not sell directly to site owners) and signing up for an appropriate merchant account (contact us anytime help with a high-risk merchant account or payment gateway using the form at the bottom of this page.

NMI and vape/e-cigs: the benefits

While there are other high-risk payment gateways out there, NMI is one that specifically does a lot of vape and e-cig transactions, making them a reliable choice for your web-store. Additionally, NMI has one of the few if not the only payment gateway service to allow you to route transactions through multiple accounts and using various processors through their ATRI system. This feature is a massive advantage for those with multiple e-commerce stores who don’t want to set up a separate payment gateway log-in for each one of them. You can use your one NMI login for all your accounts, and it will route your payments to the appropriate account.  Another great NMI feature is the customer vault, which stores your customer’s information for you, which has two benefits. First, you don’t have to store and be liable for your customer’s financial information, and secondly, it makes checkout for returning customers easy and hassle-free, inviting them to continue to restock or explore new products on your web-store. You can even allow your customers to set up a recurring purchase with NMI, giving your customers an easy way to keep shopping and to keep your revenue stream going. There are a lot more benefits from using NMI that you can read about here.

Volusion and vape sites: the benefits

Volusion is also great for these vape and e-cig stores and products; it is incredibly easy to set up products with multiple options or varieties. Instead of making thousands of product pages or extra options you can easily have Volusion help you get accurate and visually appealing options for all of your products, including the never-ending list of flavors the industry is always adding. If you also happen to be taking advantage of the opportunity to manage multiple stores with NMI, you can have all of those web-stores on Volusion, which allows you to run various stores from one account. This also makes sharing specific products with your multiple stores easy and keeps all the product information consistent.

Volusion also makes marketing a relative breeze. It allows you to connect your social media pages and easily share products and coupons and other useful marketing tactics to your audience.  You can use the Volution tools to grow on these media channels to help keep your revenue up. Additionally, Volusion has a ton of back-end tools and support features to help refine and improve your business, such as their analytical reports and tools. Remind your customers of abandoned carts, keep an eye on your ROI, and even get the skinny on how Google sees your site. Volution gives you the ability to adapt and improve your search engine rank and overall visibility online. Although you must be careful as to how much of your store you extend, Volusion allows you to expand your stores into other popular e-commerce platforms, such as Facebook and eBay, which may open your audience up in ways SEO can’t. Overall Volusion is an excellent platform for high-risk e-commerce merchants, especially vape and e-cig merchants.

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