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Wix payment gateways for knives and blades –

This week we have received inquiries from Wix website owners that have been shut down completely or have been given a 5-day notice from Wix Payments. Stripe actually powers Wix Payments, so additionally, we have gotten calls from knife website owners that were shut down by Stripe directly.

Wix payment gateways for knives and blades – Tasker Payment Gateway quote image

Because PayPal is not tactical friendly either, Wix website owners are in a tough position when trying to process credit card payments. A+ rated and BBB accredited, Tasker Payment Gateways LLC can help your knife site accept credit cards online without having to build a new website.

We have multiple solutions for Wix website owners that allow them to accept credit cards for tactical items like knives and blades on Wix.

If you need to accept credit cards on Wix ASAP because Wix Payments, PayPal, or Stripe shut down your payment gateway, please contact us right away using the form below, and please let us know your request is ASAP so we can prioritize you.

Information on setting up a payment gateway and merchant account for knives on Wix

Wix does not connect directly to knife payment gateways. Therefore you need to add a simple workaround.

Below are some very helpful links on accepting credit card payments for high-risk items like knives on Wix.

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How to set up a knife friendly high-risk payment gateway on a Wix website

Wix high-risk payment gateways

Accept payments for tactical items, like knives online – without getting shut down

Tactical site payment gateways

Contact us today for ASAP help setting up Wix payment processing for your knife website