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The other features of NMI

Further down on this page you’ll find videos that look in detail at certain actions and features from NMI’s merchant control panel. You can always visit our NMI settings overview page for all 35 features and settings.

As you might already know, at Tasker Payment Gateways we’re very happy with what NMI are able to do for our various high-risk clients. NMI caters to a range of high-risk business types, including alcohol, premium cigarvape, FFL and tactical businesses. This is why we’re diving into the many features of the NMI payment gateway.

Here, we’ll discuss what we’ve categorized as “other features,” as opposed to “general features,” “iProcessor,” “SwIPe software,” and the various “settings features.” Without further ado, let’s dig into the other features you’ll get from the NMI payment gateway.

Make it easy to sell your products with QuickClick

This video talks about QuickClick, which is a hosted shopping cart solution. You’ll have access to this feature with a full gateway account. It allows you to create links or buttons which your customers will use to make payments. These can make the buying experience easier and more streamlined for your customers. With QuickClick you can also generate a buy now URL that can be dropped into an email or a restrictive site builder like GoDaddy GoCentral. 

The button generator has three options, each of which allows you to create a different type of button depending on the options that you want your customers to have. The video explains how to create and customize these, and talks about the different elements in detail. It provides example scenarios so that you can understand what your customer will see, what you can change, and how to do so.

The NMI customer vault

This video describes how to save your customers’ info to the vault, which is integral to rebilling and recurring payments. The customer vault is PCI compliant and allows you to store this info within the payment gateway for easy access. The video demonstrates how to enter and save this information and how to choose what kind of criteria you might wish to use.

It then shows how you can search for specific customers that you have already saved to your vault. The vault provides you with a unique customer ID, but there are other criteria you can enter in order to find the customer and take other actions (such as create recurring subscriptions or add invoices) later on.

Recurring billing and subscriptions

This video discusses NMI’s recurring billing feature, which is built into the standard gateway accounts. The video discusses what you will see when you look at the subscription or plan pages, as well as the specific differences between the two. There are various actions you can take on these pages, such as editing subscriptions (how much you want to charge, how long they run for, etc.) and what you’ll see on each. You can alter what your subscribers are signed up for as well as the features of your offered plans, and the video goes into detail on how you can do this.

File and batch uploads

This video discusses the batch feature, which allows you to process multiple actions at once by uploading them in a file to the gateway. The video demonstrates how to do this using an excel file as an example, but you can also use a CSV or text file.

By telling the gateway what the elements of your file represent in terms of actions, the gateway will then be able to run many actions all at once. This feature allows you to easily upload data and information in large quantities quickly. It can be very useful when you acquire customer information or other valuable information you wish to upload to the NMI payment gateway.

NMI and iSpyFraud

The iSpyFraud feature allows you to block certain transactions from occurring within the gateway. You can do this by setting certain rules in order to tell the system what criteria it should look for in order to decide which transactions should be flagged or blocked. The video demonstrates how to do this with multiple examples. With iSpyFraud you can flag and deny a transaction, as well as set up user bans.

As a high-risk merchant, this feature is invaluable for mitigating chargebacks and preventing fraud. The video shows how you can do this, and what will happen within the system to the transactions that are affected. Though keep in mind if a transaction is flagged, it will still process as usual unless you tell the system otherwise. In other words, keep a close eye on your iSpyFraud page.

NMI’s product manager

Product manager allows you to record what exactly your customers purchase when they make payments through the NMI payment gateway. You can use the product manager for looking through products or product categories. The categories are very helpful since they’re fully customizable. You can also use NMI’s product manager when you’re running a sale. You can easily find items depending on the descriptive information you enter into this tool. You’ll be able to see the product info you create for certain items within your receipts in order to know exactly what a customer bought.

This video demonstrates how you can add information for an item or edit information for an existing item. The category function is an excellent aspect of the feature for any high-risk merchant who offers different types of high-risk products; for example, vape merchants selling accessories, vaporizers, and e-liquid.

Invoice manager and overview

This video discusses the invoice feature, which allows you to send invoices to your customers via email. The video shows you exactly how you can do this, as well as how you can go over the invoices afterward. This feature is particularly useful if you run B2B sales. After the invoice has been sent you can change the information and resend the updated version to your customer, which the video also discusses.

The video shows you how you can view all of your invoices, or search for a particular one. The invoices will be categorized within the system, but you can set certain criteria if you’re looking for a specific grouping (such as ones which have already been paid). This makes handling and managing invoices a painless experience for all merchants.

NMI’s integration portal

This video discusses the integration portal, which allows you to view NMI’s API documentation. It will also show you the software that has been integrated into their system. The video talks about who might find this information useful, and goes into further detail about how the APIs might be used and what you could use them for should you wish. The features discussed are the query API, Mobile STK, EMV chip card STK, and QuickClick.

While the feature is predominantly useful to developers, as they can find all the relevant information they need, it is extremely useful information to have when needed.

Advanced transaction routing (ATRI)

Are you selling high-risk products using multiple credit card processors or check processors? Then NMI’s advanced transaction routing (ATRI) is the feature you’ll want to look into further.

This video talks about advanced transaction routing, which you can access through the NMI gateway if your payment gateway reseller has set it up for you. A couple of important notes here; as NMI resellers, we are happy to discuss this feature in detail with you. Contact us anytime to learn how we can help you with transaction routing, and managing multiple merchant accounts through one payment gateway log in. Secondly, you must ensure that you do not use the ATRI feature to “load balance” in a way that evades the card association chargeback or transaction laundering rules. The consequences for violating these rules can be very high. If this is the case, you’ll find it in the load balancing page. Again, feel free to reach out to us to discuss it more in detail. There are the usual standard options, as well as more advanced ones such as merchant defined field transaction routing. The video goes through an example in order to demonstrate how to use this feature.

NMI and QuickBooks SyncPay

If you use QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise, then you’ll have access to the SyncPay plugin. This allows you to take various actions for your payments and transactions all within the QuickBooks interface. This video provides a walkthrough of how to download this feature, and also demonstrates how to use it once it’s installed.

It shows various examples in order to demonstrate the variety of actions you can perform within the plugin, such as:

  • Paying invoices
  • Saving information to the customer vault (which is an optional, additional feature).

We highly recommend that you check out this video if you’re a high-risk merchant using QuickBooks. Each available action and feature is shown in this video in comprehensive detail.

Contact us to start making use of NMI’s features

While we hope that the information we provided above was helpful, we know it only scratches the surface. If you need assistance with setting up an account with NMI, let us know. We’re more than happy to give you any help you need through a free-of-charge conversation. Simply contact us today through our website, or using the contact form below. We look forward to helping you with your high-risk payment gateway needs!