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NMI’s SwIPe software

At Tasker Payment Gateways, we specialize in high-risk payment gateways and payment processing. We work closely with a vast number of payment service providers and know the high-risk credit card processing world intimately. What we want to do is to make it easy for high-risk merchants to sell their products online. To that end, we’ve created these informative pages that cover the features available through the NMI payment gateway. On this page, we’ll give you a brief summary together with a more detailed video of what the SwIPe software has to offer you and your business.

The SwIPe software is very useful when you want to accept credit card payments for your high-risk products from a physical location and point of sale (PoS). It works in a similar fashion to the iProcess feature of the NMI payment gateway, however, this feature is for PCs as opposed to mobile devices.

SwIPe software summary

This video discusses how you can install, launch, and use the SwIPe software. SwIPe is designed to help you process payments through your gateway via card readers, generally attached to a PC at a place of business. This will allow you to accept payments either when a customer swipes their card through your reader, or the merchant keys the card information into the reader’s keypad.

The set-up process is very straightforward, and the video discusses the various customization options and extra features available. This includes printing receipts and accessing reports, as well as a few different options found in the software’s settings. A particularly useful aspect of the SwIPe software is that you can add PoS customers to your customer vault directly from your computer when the customer purchases a product. These options are accessible through the “opt” button on your computer screen. Here you can:

  • Change which account you’re logged into.
  • Change the computer name (which shows up in your transaction history).
  • Change the number of receipts that are printed (1 receipt is the default setting).
  • Type of transaction (the default is to run a sale, but you can change this to authorization only).
  • Add the customer to the vault (if the customer vault is active on your account).
  • Select a printer from a drop-down menu.
  • Accept e-signature from the customer.
  • Prompt for merchant defined fields during transactions
  • Prompt for additional card info during a transaction (such as order id)

SwIPe software feature – Tasker Payment Gateway quote image

Contact us for help

If this feature sounds interesting and you’d like to discuss whether the NMI payment gateway is a good fit for your high-risk business type, feel free to get in touch! We’ve helped hundreds of high-risk sites ranging from FFL, e-cigarette, and tactical, to premium cigar, and alcohol. We’re always available to give you any help and discuss your business, or what high-risk payment processing you might benefit from. You can contact us via our contact form or through our website.

If you want to know more about the features you get with NMI, you can check the overview page of NMI features. There you’ll find “general features,” “other features,” “iProcess,” as well as “settings.” We hope you find this information to be useful, and that we’ll hear from you soon!