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NMI and “iProcess”

On this page, you’ll find videos and summaries that explain the iProcess feature you can get from NMI. To find all other features please visit our NMI features and settings overview page.

NMI is an excellent high-risk payment gateway for online-based businesses. However, it’s also very well suited for sites that have an additional physical point of sale (PoS). The iProcess feature allows you to easily use their free iProcess app to manage and process payments through your mobile devices when you have a card scanner attached. It works brilliantly on both android and iOS devices.

Do you want to start setting up an account with NMI for your vape, premium cigar, or FFL store today? Contact us anytime. We’re always available to talk about your business and payment gateway needs, free of charge. You can use our contact form at the bottom of this page, or contact us through our contact page.

In the meantime, let’s look at the iProcess feature NMI has to offer. Please remember that our summaries are brief for your convenience. That means there’s a lot of additional detail that needed to be excluded in order for us to let you know whether the feature is something for you. If you see something you like, we advise that you view the video as well once you’ve had a quick read through of our summaries.

Using iProcess through iOS

This video demonstrates how you can use the iProcess app to process payments using your apple mobile device. By using a card scanner which attaches to the device, you can then process card payments through your gateway account through the app. The video shows you how to access and use the app, running through a demonstration of how to accept a payment from a customer. It shows both what the customer needs to do on their end, as well as how the merchant can then confirm the payment and view it later on in order to make changes or process a refund. It also discusses the various features and customization options, including enabling sound effects or an option for tips.

Using iProcess on Android

This video demonstrates how you can use your android mobile device to process payments through your merchant account and payment gateway. The video demonstrates the entire process of accepting a payment through the app using a card scanner, showing what both the merchant and customer will need to do. The merchant can then view the payment later on in order to process any refunds or see information logged about that specific sale. On android, you can email or print a receipt for the customer, or for your own records. The video goes through every available feature and customization setting available on the app, as well as how to download it and sign in with your merchant account information.

Want to start using iProcessing?

The fact that iProcessing allows you to have a physical PoS is invaluable for all high-risk merchants who sell both online and at a physical location. You can hook up multiple devices to the same account, with unique login details allowing you to track the sales records for each device. If you’re ready to start setting up with NMI, feel free to reach out to us.

At Tasker Payment Gateways, we’re always more than happy to give you some free advice and get to know your business. We work with many providers in the high-risk payment processing industry and can give you expert advice and tips. You can reach us through our site or using our contact form below. We look forward to helping your high-risk business with your payment needs!

Remember, we’ve also covered the many other features NMI has to offer. If you’re curious, visit our summaries of the “general features,” “other features,” “SwIPe software,” and “settings features.”