Wild Apricot and Authorize.Net Simplify Membership Site Management

Authorize.Net for Wild Apricot: simply a great fit. When you think of e-commerce, you probably think of a conventional online store. But in the 21st century, internet sales can come in a variety of flavors, including membership sites, where customers agree to pay a recurring fee for regular access to information or goods and services. One service, called Wild Apricot, helps membership sites, such as small associations, clubs, and nonprofit organizations, achieve a number of common tasks that used to require multiple services, tools, and databases, including:

  • Website creation & hosting
  • Content management
  • Membership database management
  • E-mail and newsletter blasts
  • Event registration & tracking
  • Recurring online payments

Not only does Wild Apricot eliminate the need for a gaggle of spreadsheets but also, based on conversations with our payment gateway clients that use Wild Apricot, it seems to really shine when it comes to online billing, especially monthly, automated recurring billing. Instead of giving you a list of preferred payment gateways or specific processors that lock you into a service that may or not be right for you, Wild Apricot allows you to choose from any number of major gateways, including one of our favorites, Authorize.Net.

Integration is as easy as choosing Authorize.Net from a dropdown list and entering your API Login ID and Transaction Key for almost instant verification (for detailed integration instruction please check out our blog post from August 2014). After you’re set up, you can accept both one-time and recurring payments from all of the major credit and debit cards with no additional fees from Wild Apricot. This is of course good news for traditional membership sites like legal bar associations, sports groups, leagues, alumni associations, and trade associations. However, it is especially good news for high-risk industries such as e-cigarette monthly membership clubs, recurring billing or continuity nutraceutical clients, and MLM businesses. This is because Authorize.Net is a high-risk friendly payment gateway that offers secure processing services and fraud prevention suites at reasonable rates.

We feel that the easy integration of this gateway with Wild Apricot makes it a great option for merchants considering such a membership site. To that end, we are always happy to walk you through the setup process. If you have any questions about Authorize.Net, pricing, its integration with Wild Apricot, or any other e-commerce inquiry, we invite you to give us a call at (207) 772-8737. We are more than happy to help and look forward to hearing from you!