Software spotlight: Wild Apricot

This week we bring you another excellent software service that can improve your SaaS or e-commerce business. Wild Apricot is an all-in-one platform, which brings your subscription or association based service up to speed with modern ease of use and high-end functionality. It makes the need for multiple service providers obsolete, providing you with accounting, marketing, email, payment processing, and event scheduling right in one easy to use business website.

Powerful processing

There are so many different types of high-risk and low-risk businesses that can utilize Wild Apricot as a system from which all their credit card and data processing and management is done. From the golf club to the alumni association, from a local church or chamber of commerce, from internet marketing consulting services to timeshare associations, the list goes on. One thing that is incredibly important to all of these types of organizations is their ability to safely and securely process credit card payments online. Having a Payment Gateway that protects your organization is critical, and that’s where we can help you turn this powerful online platform into a secure money making business. Check out our info on NMI and Authorize.Net if you are a high-risk merchant looking to integrate processing within Wild Apricot.

Stay organized

Wild Apricot is designed with ease of use in mind, which means you won’t have to frantically search your excel files anymore for member information. A database of your businesses important info is created and stays updated in real time, as your members use your services. You can access this from anywhere, as Wild Apricot is a cloud-based service. This means you can easily access your data in a secure and backed up way.

Websites made easy

Wild Apricot carries a powerful web-building platform, with free access to professional themes and unique customization options; you will have a personalized and polished site for your members to admire. Your website will also be mobile ready right off the bat, a common feature these days, but important nonetheless. Your site will easily be able to manage your members and give them all the perks your business offers.

Billing made easy

Nobody likes chasing people down for money, and with Wild Apricot you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Automated billing cycles and recurring charges will keep your revenue stream coming through with little hassle. Export your financial reports and easily keep track of your business finances so you know exactly what’s going on. Plus, you can also set up donations for your non-profit or club, giving yourself a better chance at raising money for your projects.

Events to remember

Having an event soon? Maybe you have them often, now you can have a system that allows you to easily create new events, and have members or customers sign up and pay on their own, the system also sends out reminders to help you keep attendance up. Customizing forms and event info is a breeze. You can even track attendees using the mobile app, making life easier with less of a paper trail.

Email marketing in one place

Email marketing is essential, but it is also a hassle when you have to import contacts or go through a lengthy setup. Wild Apricot integrates email marketing into your system, giving you a powerful tool. You can utilize their many email and newsletter templates, automate reminders and other notifications from the system, and even use tracking and other analytics to improve your marketing tactics.