High-risk software spotlight: Checkfront

Increase bookings with a secure addition to WordPress

Although we are not an affiliate of, nor associated with Checkfront in any way, we have read some good things and wanted to pass them on. High-risk merchants and WordPress users who want a better booking platform can rejoice. Checkfront is a highly functional and powerful tool for your business. Give off a more professional impression to customers, securely collect payments, and manage your bookings simply, with this great software that is compatible with various website platforms including WordPress. Checkfront is a SaaS program, which means it is a service provider and is subject to PCI compliance, and as such, they handle much of the PCI burden for you. You can read in detail about their compliance here. In addition, it is best to utilize a secure payment gateway, like Authorize.Net with Checkfront, especially if you are in a “high-risk” category like business opportunity seminars, or MLM conventions. Contact us anytime for payment gateway or merchant account recommendations.

Powerful product compatible with your current setup

Another great feature in Checkfront is it’s simple, organized functionality and compatibility. It won’t take long to get used to, and even better the rest of your business stays the same. No need to completely replace all of your software and relearn everything, Checkfront is compatible with many websites platforms. They are so confident in their product you can even try it for free. Connect to popular platforms like TripAdvisor to help manage your business image and use other compatible software to fill in any gaps you may have like accounting or analytics.

Don’t miss another booking with secure payment processing

Do you lie awake worrying that your website doesn’t inspire confidence in secure payment processing, or worse yet find yourself looking to use Checkfront for an upcoming event but are unable to find a credit card processor for your high-risk, or “commonly prohibited product type”? It certainly can be a reason people decide not to do business online. Rest at ease and don’t let it happen again by using a professional and secure payment gateway that is compatible with your business. Checkfront is compatible with one of our favorite payment gateways, Authorize.Net. In order to securely process payments, depending on your industry, you will also need a high-risk friendly merchant account, which we can recommend to your through one of our affiliates. We are always available to help guide you through the process of setting up your payment systems, so feel free to contact us. With a powerful booking tool and secure payment transactions, you may find your business booked sooner than you think!