Some good (correction bad) regulatory news for the vape industry (maybe)

Below we wrote a nice post about what was widely interpreted as positive news in terms of the FDA rulemaking process and electronic cigarettes.  But, just as we were sitting back admiring this nice post, our news feed and text messages started lighting up! “FDA issues final rules that will virtually outlaw vaping” and “Electronic cigarette industry will be crushed except for big tobacco who will have the resources to weather the storm”. Those were some of the doomsday prophecies that just started rolling in. The reality is, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives is making an effort to mitigate this damage, and there are already lawsuits in the works. How this will end up who knows, but one thing is for certain, these stories often play out differently than they seem like they will at first.

Here is a Wall Street Journal article from today on the subject.

Below is the (now out of date) post we were excited to put up yesterday…


It was back to school for the folks at the FDA when they received a 10-page study from Georgetown University Professor and Ph.D., David T Levy, on the positive effects of electronic cigarettes. Dr. Levy and his colleagues encouraged the FDA to take a closer look at the benefits of electronic cigarettes before making any decisions that would negatively affect e-cig merchants and customers. Dr. Levy concludes that e-cigs are not a gateway for teens to begin smoking tobacco products and perhaps, e-cigs can actually help someone addicted to tobacco to quit entirely. If the FDA takes these factors into consideration, it could mean minimal to moderate regulation and a rollback of the looming 2007 grandfathering cutoff on electronic cigarettes, that would be a monumental win for the e-cig industry and their vaping customers.

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You may find links to the full study by Doctor Levy below along with a couple other interesting articles on the subject.