Is Flint+ Mobile Processing going offline?

We have just heard that Flint+, the cutting edge payment acceptance platform that allowed for mobile payment acceptance without a card reader, customer invoice for payment generation, and simplified buy now buttons may no longer provide processing service for their Flint+ app, apparently for good. Their site appears to still be up, and still be accepting new sign ups so we expect some sort of official clarification from the company soon on their web site, blog, or via news release.

Flint uses the smartphone on the camera to scan cards instead of using a hardware device. Possibly this innovation was one of the contributing factors to its demise. Although Flint+ did not “take pictures” of the cards or store the photos some merchants or their customers may not have been comfortable with the scanning of the card regardless.  Flint was (is?) also a great value, perhaps their aggressive rate structure also contributed, but we are only speculating.

We expect the Flint+ processing backend to be offline soon, possibly by the end of February, they appear to have a legacy continuance program in the process but we do not know if pricing will be affected, if it is a long-term solution, or if it will allow new clients.

If your business needs an alternative solution feel free to contact us, we are happy to talk it through with you and provide a recommendation.