How to integrate Authorize.Net with your Wild Apricot website

Recently, a potential client approached us with an air of frustration about him. The business he represented – a good-sized professional accreditation organization – was currently using a popular payment gateway processing combo, but it simply wasn’t right for the business’ needs.

The organization needed another option, but it had to be one that could quickly and easily integrate into their existing website with little-to-no downtime and no hiccups for its members. Authorize.Net provided exactly what they needed, but first, we had to make sure it would seamlessly integrate with their existing web platform.

That’s how we were introduced to Wild Apricot. Although we had never integrated Authorize.Net with a Wild Apricot site before, the process was so easy and so seamless we wanted to share our experience with you. The integration of Wild Apricot with Authorize.Net saved this client countless administrative hours lining up client invoices and payments with registrations and renewals. He has since become a rabid fan of our service~!

So for any of you who might own or be considering a Wild Apricot site, here’s a painless way to link your AuthNet account with this platform so you can start accepting payments almost immediately.

  • Visit Authorize.Net and log in to your account using your administrator username and password. (We will need to get you an Authorize.Net account first)
    • Click the “Account” tab and choose the “Settings” section from the left menu.
    • Go to “Security Settings” select “API Login ID and Transaction Key.”
    • Type the answer to your “Secret Question” into the text box where indicated, then click “Submit” to generate a new Transaction Key. Copy and paste this into a secure text document or carefully write it down, either way, destroy this information after you use it.
  •  Log in to your Wild Apricot website and click “Admin View” to change your payment settings.
    • Click on the Wild Apricot Settings menu, and choose “Finances.”
    • Click on “Payment Settings,” then click on “Edit”.
    • Click the “Payment System” drop-down option and choose “Authorize.Net” from the list.
    • Once you are confident that everything is working, click the “Live” radio button.
    • Enter your API Login ID and Transaction Key into their respective text boxes.
    • Check off the credit cards you want to accept.
    • Click the “Validate Account” button.
    • Select your default country and currency (e.g. “United States” and “US Dollars”)
      • Add payment instructions for your customers, if desired.

Click “Save Changes.”

Immediately, you should be able to accept credit and debit card payments from your customers that will be securely processed by AuthNet! We recommend running test transactions and communicating with your payment gateway reseller and or merchant account representative to confirm everything is working smoothly before doing any big launch.

If you have any questions about integrating Authorize.Net into your website or CRM (whether built with Wild Apricot or another platform) or would like to set up a new Authorize.Net account for either your traditional or high-risk business, we invite you to contact us at (207) 772-8737. We are always happy to help!