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WooCommerce Payments’ list of prohibited categories – 

Since 2020, when the number one open-sourced WordPress shopping cart, WooCommerce, launched its private-labeled payment gateway, we have fielded a lot of questions about which business types are allowed, and what products are prohibited.

Following Shopify Payments and Wix Payments into the “Powered By Stripe,” low-risk payment gateway space, WooCommerce calls their service WooCommerce Payments. And, like Stripe, Shopify Payments, Wix Payments, and even PayPal, their service comes with a list of prohibited uses that disallows many common regulated products.

In this post, we outline some common products banned by WooCommerce Payments, provide advice on how to accept credit cards on WooCommerce if you cannot use their payment processor, and provide links to WooCommerce Payments terms so you can review them in detail.

WooCommerce Payments is not the same as WooCommerce

There is a lot of ongoing confusion among high-risk website owners due to the sometimes unclear distinction between WooCommerce, the WordPress shopping cart, and WooCommerce Payments, the payment gateway.

Quick overview of WooCommerce

WooCommerce, according to the online usage statistics and lead generation company, BuiltWith, is the leading 3rd party WordPress shopping cart plugin in America.
Since it is open-source software, it’s free to use as you see fit (within reason) once you purchase the license. This makes WooCommerce an excellent option for a wide range of high-risk e-commerce sites.

Source: https://trends.builtwith.com/shop/WooCommerce

What is WooCommerce Payments

WooCommerce Payments is a white-labeled version of the Stripe payment gateway branded and promoted by WooCommerce. Low-risk online businesses can use WooCommerce Payments to easily accept credit card payments on their WooCommerce website.
High-risk merchants and those that sell products in regulated industries like premium cigars, CBD, hemp, vape, alcohol, pipes, bongs, tactical items, or FFL transfers still have the option to integrate the best high-risk payment gateway for their exact products and services.

Is WooCommerce Payments high-risk friendly?

No, WooCommerce Payments is not particularly high-risk-friendly. Because it is really just a WooCommerce branded integration of Stripe, WooCommerce Payments’ prohibited items mirror Stripe’s.

How similar are the prohibited items of Stripe to those of WooCommerce Payments?

The Stripe and WooCommerce Payments prohibited products are essentially identical. The WooCommerce Payments sign-up page even advises online merchants to do the following:

“Review Stripe’s restricted products list to make sure WooCommerce Payments will work for your business.”

Because of Stripe’s high-risk limitations, It is important to reemphasize the difference between the WooCommerce shopping cart’s prohibited products, and WooCommerce Payments’ prohibited activities.

There are many products that are banned by WooCommerce Payments but allowed by the shopping cart itself. If you are selling a regulated product, like cigars, vape products, smoking accessories, FFL transactions, or tactical items please contact us for a high-risk WooCommerce payment gateway recommendation.

Links and resources on WooCommerce Payments’ restricted products

Will WooCommerce Payments allow my business?

Does WooCommerce Payments allow pipe and glassware businesses?
No, unfortunately, WooCommerce Payments does not going allow pipe and glassware sales. These products are considered paraphernalia and on the prohibited product list.

Learn more about how to set up a payment gateway for pipes, bongs, and glass: https://taskerpaymentgateways.com/pipe-and-glassware-payment-gateways/

Does WooCommerce Payments allow CBD businesses?
No, as WooCommerce Payments has Stripe as their payment partner it’s highly unlikely. This is because CBD businesses fall within Stripe’s prohibited product list.

Learn about CBD payment processing: https://taskerpaymentgateways.com/selling-cbd-oil-online-101/

Does WooCommerce Payments allow vape businesses?
Unfortunately, no. Looking at Stripe’s prohibited product list used by WooCommerce Payments, we see that e-cigarettes and e-liquid businesses are not allowed to use their services as it’s a regulated product.

Learn about the PACT Act, and vape payment gateways: https://taskerpaymentgateways.com/electronic-cigarette-online-processing/

Does WooCommerce Payments allow cigar businesses?
No, you won’t be able to use WooCommerce Payments if you sell cigars. The reason is the same as with vape products, as tobacco products are on Stripe’s prohibited product list.

Learn how to set up a payment gateway for premium cigars: https://taskerpaymentgateways.com/electronic-cigarette-online-processing/

Does WooCommerce Payments allow Tactical product businesses?
No, as a regulated product type, tactical products like knives and other weapons are not allowed by WooCommerce Payments. The reason is that Stripe is WooCommerce Payments’ payment partner.

Learn about tactical friendly payment gateways: https://taskerpaymentgateways.com/accepting-payments-for-online-weapon-sales/

Does WooCommerce Payments allow FFL businesses?
Firearm sales and other weapon product sales are not going to be acceptable to WooCommerce Payments.

Please read our FFL payment gateways 101: a complete guide: https://taskerpaymentgateways.com/ffl-dealers/

How can I sell my products if WooCommerce Payments does not allow them?

We have trusted, reliable, alternatives to WooCommerce Payments (Stripe) that allow, and appreciate alcohol, CBD, pipes, glass, bongs, tactical items, FFL-to FFL transfers, and premium cigars.

Contact us for a free, friendly, no-obligation quote, and a dedicated, independent agent with experience in your industry will answer all of your questions at no cost to you. Should you choose to sign up for high-risk payment processing through your dedicated agent, they will remain on as an additional, dedicated contact available by phone, text, and email long after your approval.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the best payment gateway for your WooCommerce website.

Tasker Payment Gateways LLC is BBB accredited, A+ rated, and available anytime for free friendly advice.