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Tips for new e-commerce merchants

Analytics for new merchants

Are you a new e-commerce merchant in need of some tips and tricks to really get your store going? New e-commerce sites often have a hard time utilizing the same analytics tactics that older sites use, mostly because older sites have much more data to analyze. We recently found a great article that can help guide new e-commerce stores on a path to increased conversions and profits. Check out this article for some detailed tips on new site analytics!

New merchants and payment gateways

We realized a long time ago, that jumping into e-commerce payment processing can be daunting for a new merchant, that is why we decided to focus on “e-commerce newbies”. We offer one on one guidance and support to any merchant, but especially to high-risk merchants who are just getting into accepting card online and need a friendly voice to walk them through the steps and answer their questions regarding their hard to place business.

Please call or contact us anytime for some free, friendly advice. We are always happy to help, regardless of your experience level.