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Seo tips and tricks: Fall 2017

Well, it’s that time again; gearing up for the holiday season and all of you e-tailers need to get our SEO in top-notch shape to compete with the big dogs. That’s why we went out of our way to find some great tips for e-commerce SEO so you can be ready to sell to all those eager shoppers.

SEO tips for WordPress

Being that a significant portion of the e-commerce market uses WordPress, we thought we would start with a few articles that could be tremendously helpful, not only to our high-risk payment gateway users but to anyone using WordPress to sell their products or services online. First, we wanted to share a series of articles from BruceClay.com, which continues from an article we shared in our last SEO blog. In its continuation, we find 5 more great tips for WordPress users. These tips are specifically designed to improve SEO while using WordPress and its maximize its otherwise limited basic SEO abilities.  There are specific no solutions in this particular article, but it’s useful as it helps you understand how things could be improved.

This next article can turn your web-store into a serious competitor as you rise up in the search rankings. Take it a step further with part 3 and the conclusion to that series; BruceClay.com introduces its own SEO app for WordPress. After reading part two you may have been left wanting more from WordPress, fortunately, in part three they essentially fulfill those wants and offer you an app that was built with those features in mind. Obviously this is a great sales pitch from the BruceClay.com team, however, it’s also a very powerful set of tools and a useful plugin to have, and you should give it serious thought if you’re a WordPress e-commerce retailer. We met Bruce recently at a convention and man, he is smart and well informed. While we are in the Bruce Clay neighborhood we also want to share an article he did about backlinks and link building.  Link building has come under fire in recent years but it’s important to know that it is possible to use links properly and Google and other search engines will reward you for their proper usage.

10 tips and 25 steps for SEO

Continuing the SEO tips, we have a few articles we found from some various service providers. These 10 tips that could give you a serious boost in the rankings and help you entice more clicks, it is worth a read. The article suggests using simple tricks like writing “ego-bait” headlines and easy content for mass sharing and appeal on social media. Some of these might seem like lowbrow stunts but in reality, it’s simply appealing to your target demographic, which you should be doing anyway. Another article full of useful tricks contains over 25 steps to audit your SEO and ensures you are using things like keywords properly and not overdoing it. It’s a good, straightforward list of things to help you show up on the first pages of a search engine results page. Things like, researching keywords for specific places like titles and blogs and not cannibalizing those keywords by overusing them. Additionally, there are suggestions for enticing new buyers like review best practices and social media snippets. All in all, it’s a good checklist.

Holiday season 2017, get your SEO ready

Up next, gearing up for the holidays. This is one of the most important times of year for an e-commerce retailer. One can easily double the sales of the rest of the year in this short time if their web-store is properly configured and the right marketing tactics are used. So in that vein, we share these five holiday SEO tips to help you get ahead of your competitors. Another great article we found has what they call the top suggestions from e-tailers around the world that are gearing up for the holiday shopping season. The authors picked the best and shared them on one page to help you stay on your game. There is more to it than simply polishing your website and adding a holiday theme. Things like setting up an F.A.Q. page for common or anticipated questions can be a big help in terms of conversions.

What is in store for SEO in 2018?

Looking toward the future we should also be staying on top of where the industry is going. Staying on top of trends and new methods and practices is key to staying on the top of the rankings. To help you along the way we do publish SEO advice for high-risk sites. These articles should be very helpful and keep you more or less up to date on the SEO terrain.

We hope these suggestions help you rise up the ranks and increase your conversions this holiday season!

PS If you are wondering where the cool “Today’s plan of attack” to-do list came from, we got it from an outfit called Knock Knock LLC, and use it every day. Sometimes you can’t beat a pen (or a  sharpie) and paper!