Software Spotlight: TicketSpice

Ticketing Done Easy!

TicketSpice is a top ticketing software in the industry and for good reason. According to many, TicketSpice is the most comprehensive and simplified platform out there to help you sell more tickets and keep more of the money from each sale. It is completely customizable; as long as you know how to click a mouse you are in complete control.

High-Risk Payment Options

By utilizing NMI‘s gateway emulator merchants in hard to place categories like MLM events, high dollar amount retreats, and coaching has lot’s of payment acceptance and merchant account options. Contact us for recommendations through our contact page or using the contact form below.

Mobile Powerhouse

TicketSpice is completely mobile for a very specific reason, over 55% of ticket sales are from a mobile device, meaning if your website isn’t mobile friendly you are losing customers to frustration and confusion when their device doesn’t load everything perfectly. With TicketSpice, customers are in and out quickly with a satisfied purchase in their pocket. In addition, tickets are also sent to the mobile device, making check-in at the event smoother and faster. All the customer has to do is bring up the ticket image on their phone, and one of your greeters can scan it with their own smartphone (No need to buy expensive scanners) and let them in, simple and quick.

Knowledge in Real Time!

Not only can you monitor your sales in real time, but you also have the power of analyzing the data from who is buying, what area of the country they live in, and other critical marketing insights that can give your next ad campaign a huge advantage. You not only get the conversion rate, you can also monitor the transaction time, letting you know if your process might not be the most efficient possible, and other important analytical SEO and web traffic info. You can also take that information and create reports and export them for your next meeting or to share with your team, and track payments through banking reports generated by TicketSpice.

Expand your shelf!

Selling tickets are great, but with TicketSpice you can expand your e-commerce operation to include merchandising. Now you can sell products in addition to tickets to generate more revenue and profits! The process is simple, you can sell virtually anything, and it is seamlessly converted to mobile for you.