nopCommerce and high-risk payment gateways: a software spotlight

Secure, stable high-risk e-commerce requires the right platform and the right payment gateway. Therefore, many new and experienced high-risk website owners are on the hunt for a great software platform to run their web-store more efficiently, less expensively and with better payment gateway flexibility. Below, in our latest software spotlight, we outline some of the features and benefits of the nopCommerce platform, along with some of the best ways high-risk website owners can integrate a high-risk payment gateway.

Cheap is good, free is great, and features are awesome

Not only does nopCommerce come with much of the functionality and features you would want in a premium platform, but the basic service is also completely free. nopCommerce is an open source platform, which means it has a whole community of developers and support forums to draw from when you need help with any issues.

In addition to the marketplace extensions (that do cost money), nopCommerce also offers premium support for those who desire it, including extended coding for special projects on their platform. If you need a feature or function that can’t be found in their community, you can pay them to write the code for it, giving you virtually unlimited growth potential.

Another impressive feature is its multi-store and multi-vendor functionality. Multi-store functionality is great for high-risk merchants who sell in multiple markets, such as a cigar site owner who also has a pipe and glassware smoking accessory website. Having two or more webshops on two or more different domains using the same backend web platform is a huge benefit.

Multi-vendor functionality is another big piece for high-risk merchants, especially FFL dealers. The multi-vendor feature allows you to incorporate a drop shipper or similar service to your website. By linking a larger and often national distributor, you get to list their inventory on your website and mark up prices as you see fit. You don’t even have to worry about shipping; the distributor does it all for you.

High-risk payment gateways and merchant accounts for nopCommerce

nopCommerce is a sturdy platform for virtually all e-commerce businesses, but it seems to lend itself particularly well to many of our high-risk e-commerce website clients. With built-in Authorize.Net compatibility, nopCommerce makes a straightforward process for us even easier. Authorize.Net, like other gateways, needs to be set up correctly, with a high-risk processor on the back end, in order to allow high-risk product sales. Contact us anytime to learn more.

Authorize.Net, or an emulator

To make matters even more flexible, when we recommend high-risk merchant accounts for nopCommerce to clients we can also set up either the NMI or ePN payment gateway, using one of their payment gateway emulators, if a client’s needs demand it.

Here is how a payment gateway emulator works. You can redirect the “post-URL” of nopCommerce to NMI or ePN’s payment gateways. This can be done because of nopCommerce’s open source nature, allowing you to alter back-end coding with relative ease. In essence, it means you have your choice of payment gateway instead of being forced into compromising for a 2nd or 3rd choice processor.

We help high-risk nopCommerce websites accept credit cards

We can help you setup whichever high-risk payment gateway you choose, and will even guide you step by step through the process to make sure everything is done right. We can also help you find a merchant account for your specific market. As mentioned above multi-store vendors may need to have multiple merchant accounts depending on what they are selling on each store, but we match you with one of our preferred providers based on what suits your needs. We can do this at no cost to you, as we receive an incentive from the service providers. Once you have your merchant account setup and your Authorize.Net (or NMI or ePN) payment gateway squared away, you will be ready to start making money selling your products. Contact us anytime to get started.

nopCommerce features for high-risk merchants

There are many features included in NopCommerce that are important to high-risk merchants. Some more common for all merchants like SEO and analytical functions, some more specific like sales tax rules and shipping features which are huge for cigar and tobacco sites that sell on the web and online FFL dealers looking to accept credit cards.

nopCommerce works for high-risk

NopCommerce allows you to configure your sales tax by State, even zip code, meaning you won’t have to worry about dealing with manual tax charges or having to figure out per product. Instead, all of your taxes will be charged automatically depending on the billing address of the customer.

Cigar shop owners will also appreciate the product features allowing customers to bundle products and create more variety easily to keep those shoppers interested.

FFL dealers will be happy to know that due to its open-source nature if you can’t find a compatible FFL dealer “finder” extension, you could have one made for your website. These extensions are to help buyers to find the closest dealer to them so they can pick up their merchandise conveniently, rather than go an extra distance for no reason.

With these versatile features and high-risk payment gateway options, NopCommerce is a serious contender in the industry you may want to consider.

Looking to accept payments on nopCommerce but having a hard time finding a solution? Let us help!