maWebCenters spotlight: High-Risk payments and more

Need a Better Webstore?

When searching for new website design software you probably look for three important things: design, search engine optimization/marketability, and e-commerce power. maWebCenters is a major contender in all three categories and some high-risk (or prohibited category) merchants are noticing. Built specifically with e-commerce in mind, maWebCenters is popular with a wide range of web stores and sites.

Have a site you’re proud to show off

maWebCenters is available with many stunning designs out of the box, (or you can also create customs designs to fit your needs). These standard designs are so beautiful you’ll have your customers thinking you paid a lot more. A major focus on each design is that they are easy to use and navigate so that you won’t hear complaints about the layout of your website again. Not only is the interface user-friendly, but the sites it produces are responsive by design.

Built with e-commerce in mind

From the get-go, maWebCenters is a powerful e-commerce tool. From common features like customizable product catalogs to downloadable products like MP3’s and video, your store will be able to showcase any products you want to sell. With some less standard features like side-by-side comparison and multi-image support, it’s obvious why e-commerce with maWebCenters is growing in popularity with online retailers.

High-risk payment acceptance

maWebCenters integrates NMI, and this means that merchants in hard to place, prohibited, or high-risk categories like vape, glassware, grinder, accessory, mod, or online alcohol sales can accept payments and integrate with hundreds of high-risk processors. If you would like an NMI gateway or a high-risk processing recommendations simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I don’t feel high-risk!

Don’t let the term high-risk concern you, it simply means the market you are in is either more prone to more charge-backs and refunds versus other common products, or your industry is heavily regulated. If your site is considered high-risk to get payment processing you have to sign up for a payment gateway and get a merchant account that suits the needs of your e-commerce category.

This is a simple process and we can hold your hand the whole way through. We are happy to help you get started at no cost or obligation to sign up for our services. Once you have your merchant account and payment gateway up and running you will be ready to sell to your heart’s content, but the desire to sell doesn’t mean the sales will come easily, which is why we like to showcase platforms like maWebcenters to give you plenty of options  – and help you make more sales.

Not sure if you are high-risk? Contact us anytime using the form below and we’ll let you know the current processing environment for your business type.

Safe, Secure, and protected transactions

These days cyber-security is top of everyone’s mind. New threats are unleashed online daily, and it seems almost impossible to keep up. That’s why maWebCenters take the grief out of your hands and lets their experts keep your systems up to date. With top of the line security and an SSL-encrypted network for your transactions, you can rest easy knowing that your customer’s payments using an appropriate high-risk friendly Authorize.Net account or NMI payment gateway will go through without a hitch.


Staying fresh in your customer’s mind is always great, but it’s also important to stay up on the search engine list. If you aren’t on the top page for your industry, you are missing most of your potential sales. With maWebCenters your SEO is given a huge advantage, starting with an online SEO specialist who will help you get found in the regions you want to sell in. On top of that, the website software will help you optimize your site and content by telling you what you need. Get tips on keywords with MA Webcenters statistics and traffic reports. Scalability is also a key factor, as you can start small and local and grow into a larger business when the time is right.

Social and Supportive

Everyone needs to market on social media in addition to all the other avenues of sales. MA Webcenters makes it easy by integrating your social media pages right to your site. You can share new products or specials with your whole audience with a few easy steps. Once you have setup pages, you can also incorporate Google ads and Facebook ad campaigns to your page, giving you a powerhouse of social interaction with your potential customers.

If that isn’t enough, maWebcenters also provides you with the option to get expertly written copy on your site with their “Site Management” service. If you are looking for the full-service web package to upgrade or start a new web-store, you may have just found it.

Have a question or need a payment gateway and processing recommendation for your vape, FFL, cigar or another high-risk site? We are happy to help.