Marijuana-related goods and online payment acceptance

There is a lot of news flying around about Marijuana (or Cannabis) these days. States prohibitions continue to fall like dominoes as the population continues to legalize and regulate its use, whether recreational or medicinal, but federal law is still in direct conflict.

Payments for glass and supply businesses

The trend toward state legalization has created many new channels of online sales and supply for smoking paraphernalia, glassware, and MMJ supplies like state labeled packaging, but navigating that channel can still be tricky, so we wanted to give you some useful information on the subject and remind you that if you are in a legal pipe and glassware, or packaging supply business and looking for online solutions you can always contact us for a recommendation.

Packaged to sell

Take this article to start with, it’s a few years old but it is still interesting to see that as the industry grows, state to state packaging rules and other issues still crop up just as they do in the normal retail space, and these regulations differ from state to state, which can really make things complicated. Please, do not ever lose sight of the fact that this product, even medically, is still illegal at the federal level, so in effect, there is no “legal” way to sell marijuana from a federal perspective.

State issued info

The legalities of the cannabis industry are very confusing, and finding solid information isn’t always easy. Here is a website that can be used as a potential starting point for anyone who would like to stay up to date on a growing industry.


PLEASE do not EVER take ANY legal advice from a website, that is an AWFUL idea. If you are going into the marijuana industry you need a good attorney that knows you and the industry. Period.