High-risk friendly spotlight: Orange CRM

An a-la-carte CRM for any high-risk or low-risk business

OrangeCRM uses modules to add features to your software – purchase a module if you want those features, otherwise, don’t bog down your experience. Most of the merchants we speak to are in a high-risk category, and we find those merchants not only appreciate – but often require the type of flexibility OrangeCRM offers.

Easily integrate a high-risk friendly payment gateway

The setup for processing payments and collecting money from clients is really simple for low-risk businesses using OrangeCRM, but like all CRMs, the process for high-risk businesses looking to accept payments can be more involved.  We can make it far less stressful for you if you are in a product category that is on most processors prohibited lists by offering industry-specific one on one, high-risk, and Orange-friendly recommendations. If you are in a high-risk product category, you may feel like you have had a hard time securing a gateway, the reality is you are more likely having a hard time securing the underlying merchant account that a gateway like Authorize.Net, ePn or NMI needs to connect to in order for payments to process. We help high-risk businesses find gateways that will allow them to operate smoothly, and recommend merchant account providers appropriate for their businesses.

Get fulfillment and feel secure

Fulfillment is one of OrangeCRM’s modules; it is especially helpful for e-commerce merchants that deal in any type of logistics or customer service that involves physical product deliveries. Organize and easily track your orders, create new invoices and forms, but most importantly, make sure your customer’s requests are fulfilled.

Process continuity programs, and end them when you want

High-risk businesses such as coaching systems, discount clubs, or “of the month“ clubs like cigar clubs and wine clubs often have large, complicated, and highly important continuity programs to manage. OrangeCRM not only helps launch and manage those programs, but it also helps you “end of life” recurring programs that you want to wind down responsibly through its innovate Boneyard plug-in. This module will help you wind down recurring billing programs in an organized, lower-stress way.

Stay on top of your marketing

OrangeCRM has another useful module called Message. Message is designed to make your email marketing simpler and more powerful. With all the features you would come to expect from an email marketing service, Message includes additional analytic tools which can help you determine the best way to get your message out to your customers. Message is updated to stay in compliance with regulations regarding email marketing to give you peace of mind.

CRM modules for the highest and lowest risk businesses

OrangeCRM is packed with many different tools to make you more effective at every stage of the customer relationship. With tools that help you setup discount plans, change programs while keeping certain clients unaffected, implement recurring and subscription management, review in-depth analytics and more it’s obvious how OrangeCRM can help any business, high-risk or not, that is serious about its customers.