Software spotlight: High-risk e-commerce & Avactis

If you are in a high-risk category like online vape sales, premium cigars, wine of the month, or FFL e-commerce and you are looking to get started – or get serious with your e-commerce site then you may want to look at Avactis.

Is your site a commonly prohibited merchant type? Consider Avactis

Avactis is an e-commerce platform with all the major bells and whistles and it’s available for free – although there are premium extensions and other helpful additions you can purchase for a reasonable price. Avactis comes mobile ready and is easily optimized for search engines. It has additional options such as social media channels and customizable pricing rules to help you make the most of your store.

Payment gateways, high-risk markets and Avactis

If you are looking to sell high-risk items online like vaping products or e-cigs, cigars, FFL to FFL sales or have an online alcohol site, we can help with the challenge of acquiring a payment gateway and connecting it to appropriate, stable credit card processing. Keep in mind, you need to make an educated decision when choosing a suitable high-risk gateway and merchant account as Avactis has dozens of gateway options. We will happily provide your business with a custom recommendation that best fits your industry and business. We offer this with no obligation, we want to build a relationship and get you on the right path early. Please contact us contact us anytime with questions.


Avactis has an Authorize.Net extension which will allow you to process credit cards and accept online checks via ACH; it also helps protect you from fraud and other dangers of online transactions. If you need a merchant account we can recommend one that’s right for you from our extensive list of industry contacts. Learn more about Authorize.Net and how we can help make the entire process nice and simple. You can be up-and-running before you know it.

NMI – Network Merchants for Avactis

In addition to Authorize.Net, Avactis integrates with NMI one of our favorite high-risk friendly gateways. NMI has somewhat different features and benefits when compared to Authorize.Net although both are excellent in their own ways. To learn more about NMI’s high-risk friendly features click here.

Organize, manage, and sell your products

Avactis comes ready to sell on mobile platforms, has an easy to use store manager interface, touts a responsive web design to lure in more customers, and has powerful built-in marketing tools. These features together give you a great head start when promoting your products. Take it a step further and set up categories for your products which allows your customers to swiftly find what they are looking for. You can manage your inventory and incoming and outgoing orders to keep your products moving and can list as many products as you like. Avactis has no product listing limit.

SEO, analytics, reports and more

In addition to the powerful marketing features in Avactis, you also have great analytic tools and premium SEO functionality.

  • Make your URL unique and SEO friendly.
  • Easily translate your website into other languages with built-in multi-language features.

The built-in designer makes it easier than ever to modify and edit your website. Start with one of a multitude of themes then make it your own.

  • Integrate with Google Analytics to give yourself a powerful boost on top of the basic tools.
  • Set up promotions, discounts and other eye-catching deals to entice your customers to buy.
  • Reach out via social media or a use some great email marketing tools, all built in to help you maximize your revenue.

Easy updates

In addition, you might be surprised at how easy it is to keep Avactis up to date, with simple one-click upgrades and patches to make sure you are not only secure but also running smoothly.

Get free tips, advice, and ideas

Not only does Avactis have a great support system, they also have an active blog that shares ideas specifically catered for the Avactis user. This will help you unlock the full potential of the software and will also give you ideas for marketing, content creation, SEO tips, customer service, conversion, and advice on how to use the analytics and what to do with the information it provides.

We always are more willing to suggest software that is obviously trying to keep up with its user base, improve their UX, and grow. It almost goes without saying that there is a lot of software out there that is dumped on the market and barely kept up to date by its creators who are just hoping to make quick money, Avactis is not one of those.  It has been around for over 10 years and is still going strong, making them a solid consideration for your e-commerce business.