Good news for vape merchants? FDA delays rules

Some pretty big news in the vape industry has broken this week. As we read it, the new administration has taken the FDA deeming regulation deadlines and delayed them by at least 3 months. Our clients and contacts, by and large, are cheering this news and hope it is an indication of further regulatory loosening for the electronic cigarette industry. Over the years we have helped literally hundreds of e-commerce (and retail) vape merchants find payment¬†gateways and processing, along with many other services, and have learned a lot about it in the process. The industry was vibrant, fun, a little chaotic, and exploding with new entrepreneurs until the FDA’s final deeming regulations were sent to the OMB’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) for review in late 2015 and then finalized a year later. This action, which outlined some very challenging regulations for the vape industry sent chills throughout the vape community and initiated changes in bank credit card processing requirements for e-commerce vape merchants.

The new vape news this week seems to suggest that some of these rules, at least temporarily, may not go into effect. The new rules, which otherwise would be kicking in right away have, in most part, been delayed by at least 3 months.

Below are a few links on the topic that you may find interesting and helpful.

Articles from the Washington Post and The Hill on the new delay:

Consumer advocates for smoke-free alternatives timeline of important vape events and dates:

Historical timeline for the vape industry and regulation

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