E-commerce vape merchants see hope in Congress

This year has been full of positive signs for the still new, and regulatorily battered and confused electronic cigarette industry. Last month’s announcement that vape rules will be pushed back at least 90 days was met with cautious optimism, but the industry is still crying out for clarity.

Here is a post we did on the 90 FDA deeming rule delay.

Senator Ron Johnson questions Gottlieb on vape deeming rule

This week has also seen some more signs of relief for the e-juice and vape industry from an old friend to the industry, Senator Ron Johnson. Senator Johnson just this week clearly made the case to new FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb to reconsider the vaping regulations put into effect during the previous administration.  Senator Johnson was quoted as saying “The rules threaten an emerging industry as well as former smokers who have switched to vaping” You can read more about the hearing on Legal Reader or The Hill.

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