Concrete5: Snipcart and high-risk payments

Are you in an industry that has a hard time finding payment processing?

If so, and you are also and looking for an open source content management system (CMS) the word is, Concrete5 is a powerful solution no matter what type of business you are in. MLM, content creation, SaaS folks, and others know that the simple addition of “Snipcart” will unlock the option to accept payments in high-risk markets through Authorize.Net – when paired with the correct merchant account on the back end.  (Here is a link to the Snipcart add-on). Remember, Authorize.Net needs to be paired with, or sold by, a merchant processor that accepts your business type. Contact us using the form below to get specific recommendations for your website.

It’s important to have an appropriate merchant account for the industry and products you are selling, for example, a vape merchant site wouldn’t necessarily have the same type of merchant account as a licensed online FFL dealer or an alcohol web-store. Fortunately, we can make the process a lot easier for you by recommending the right payment gateways and helping you find the correct type of merchant account to run your business. If you are using Snipcart we would probably connect you through Authorize.Net, but keep in mind that we know dozens of software platforms and several payment gateways that might suit your needs. Also important to note, we would be setting up the Authorize.Net payment gateway with an appropriate merchant account on the back end. Authorize.Net integrates with hundreds of merchant account providers and not all work with all industry types.

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Marketing tools for any online business

Concrete5 has built-in marketing tools to help you reach out and find customers in any online market. In addition to creating custom forms and surveys, which can be extremely helpful for getting your customers to tell you what types of products they want, there are constant analytical reports to give you the data you need to improve your marketing and sales performance.

You can create content to share and attract new customers through multiple channels with blogging tools such as RSS syndication and community creating support. Keep the discussion about your products or services going in a positive direction and control your SEO with customizable URL’s and headers, and all the other optimization tricks you come to expect in professional grade software. Also, attract customers over social media with widgets and plugins that allow you to connect all of your fans and reach out to new ones. It’s easy to moderate and administer your forums to ensure your customer service level is top notch but also to allow you to eliminate unwanted comments such as political topics and other issues that might be irrelevant or hurtful to your business.

Enable high-risk payment processing for Concrete5 with Snipcart

Snipcart is useful for a wide variety of web-store owners, but especially for those who are looking for a low-cost and high-feature e-commerce platform that integrates easily with high-risk friendly payment gateways. Keeping costs as low as possible can be a huge game changer for those beginning their e-commerce journey in high-risk markets.  Fortunately, Snipcart is a cheaper option compared to many software platforms out there right now. When you use Snipcart to enable Concrete5’s e-commerce functionality on your website you will have access to Authorize.Net’s gateway to run transactions in high-risk markets like online e-cigs or homeopathic remedies.

We can help you by recommending a payment gateway merchant account combo that fits your needs, and assisting you, one on one, when you are ready to set up your payment gateway. Snipcart has all the standard features you come to expect from e-commerce software. Having Concrete5 and the high-risk payment flexibility of Authorize.Net (when properly set up with the right merchant account) makes the Snipcart option even more valuable.