Compatibility spotlight: Printnow and payment gateways

Powerful software platform for your printing business

With so many e-commerce platforms and suites out there, it can be difficult to find software that suits your needs. The printing industry is a great example, as file sizes and formats, along with difficulty processing drop ship or high ticket items, referred to as high-risk or prohibited by many processors, can make e-commerce transactions tough to process. From print providers to resellers and all the way to designers, finding an e-commerce solution for your web to print service can be trying. With this in mind, we wanted to showcase a software suite that is not only extremely helpful but also compatible with great high-risk payment gateways and merchant options, Printnow.

Software that scales as you grow your business

Printnow is a “web to print” software suite for any business in the printing industry that wants to be able to attract and serve clients online (which should be everybody). Designed to be useful to both B2B and B2C businesses, it can tackle anything from large-scale projects for major corporations all the way down to the simple projects for smaller businesses and personal use customers. This also means that Printnow will scale with your business, they offer pricing plans to fit any sized business and according to their promo materials will provide more service and support as you need it. One of the best features of Printnow is their compatibility with multiple partners in the e-commerce, graphic design and social media industries. Printnow is one of the most compatible platforms out there, able to upload most formats and convert and transfer them to your needs.

Payment processing with Authorize.Net or the NMI payment gateway

We always focus on compatibility first, and we are pleased to announce that our top payment gateway and merchant account recommendations can integrate easily, and quickly into Printnow. This is particularly useful if your business is also considered “high-risk”. We can help your business get set up for e-commerce by recommending a merchant account to you that fits your needs and then help you integrate your website with an Authorize.Net, or NMI payment gateway. Once you are integrated you will be able to process credit card transactions safely and securely and you will have access to a dedicated, personal point of contact for as long as you use any service.

Two reasons e-commerce printing is considered “high-risk” by credit card processors

1. High ticket sales

Processors are often concerned with fraud, both friendly fraud and traditional ID and cardholder data theft.  High ticket sales, which are commonly above $2000 pose a special concern for the loss prevention departments or “risk” folks at the credit card processors. The reason is a surprise to many merchants; if the merchant does not have the funds available in their checking account to cover the reversal when a chargeback, also known as a dispute, comes through – then the credit card processor is on the hook. This is known as shared liability. Like most financial institutions, credit card processors do not like losses, especially big ones.

2. Drop-shipping

Having already established the concept of shared liability, you may have figured out why processors consider outsourcing and drop shipping high-risk: “What you don’t know, CAN hurt you”. Processors realize that when you, as the dropship e-commerce print shop, sell an order but do not physically print it or ship it that the chance of error and dissatisfaction, in theory at least, goes way up. You may know your customer, and care enough to make sure no errors like the funny errors shown here never show up but will the new employee at “Megamonster Print Wholesale Inc LTD” care? Maybe, maybe not – which is why the processors take special note of drop ship businesses. If you find yourself unexpectedly in search of a high-risk payment gateway and a compatible merchant account recommendation for your Printnow site then contact us, we are always happy to help.

Open source, mobile ready, and compatible with your customers

For many, Printnow is the full package for a printing company, allowing customers to create or edit work and customize it to their specific needs. The software they supply is perfect for any sized business, providing a website storefront, extensive compatibility with file formats, an open source platform for maximum customization, and powerful mobile admin tools, and even the ability to run multiple storefronts from one powerful platform. If you are in the printing industry and you’re looking for a powerful new way to run your business they may be worth taking a look at.