Cheddar CRM: a high-risk software spotlight –

Finding the right customer management and recurring billing software is difficult for many high-risk business owners. This is why we want to tell you about Cheddar: a subscription management and recurring billing software. While we’ve known about Cheddar for a while, it was brought to our attention again recently by a few of our clients. They’re telling us how helpful it is for them and their business. In particular, they find their billing and pricing models to be what they needed.

One benefit with Cheddar is that it integrates with some of the best high-risk payment gateways out there like NMI, Authorize.Net (when set up correctly with high-risk processing) and ePN. The result is a great subscription management software that allows you to process payments easily.

If you’re ready to use Cheddar, but unsure what payment gateway you should use with it because you are considered high-risk, please get in touch with us. We’re more than happy to help provide you with insight and advice. Use our contact form below, and we’ll get in touch to help with your high-risk business. If you’re curious about what industries Cheddar might be particularly suited for, please read on. We will cover how you can set it up with different business types and payment gateways.

Ready to set up a high-risk payment gateway for the Cheddar CRM?

The high-risk business types that Cheddar suits best

Cheddar works especially well with membership-based business models. Particularly those that have varying billing sums depending on usage/items per billing cycle. Based on online feedback, they also offer good support and customer service. However, it’s the flexible billing process Cheddar incorporates that makes it extremely convenient and time-saving.

Monthly, recurring billing, coaching businesses

Coaching and coach training has been a practice through the ages and it has really taken flight in the internet age.

While social media has given coaches fantastic new platforms to connect and market their business, at the end of the day, life coaching and general coaching businesses are considered high-risk ventures. This is why you should look to use either NMI or Authorize.Net as the payment gateway for your coaching business through Cheddar. Cheddar’s usage-based approach to billing, combined with a high-risk payment gateway, will give you an excellent subscription management billing platform. Please get in touch if you need some assistance in figuring out which will be best for your business. We’re more than happy to offer some free insight and help you get started!

Product-of-the-month clubs

There is a multitude of different “of the month” clubs. In a similar fashion to the coaching business, the internet is giving these business types new opportunities. Whether it’s premium cigar of the month, travel clubs, or even auto-recurring billing subscriptions for vape products. Again, we find that Cheddar’s usage-based billing is a fit when paired with a high-risk payment gateway. Cheddar can save time when you’re integrating billing into subscription products. Of their compatible third-party payment gateways, we recommend either Authorize.Net or NMI.

However, if you are, in fact, a cigar of the month business you need to have a high-risk merchant account connected to your Authorize.Net/NMI payment gateway first, right?! Otherwise, you might experience some avoidable issues when accepting credit cards. Please feel free to reach out to us. We’re always happy to help you with your payment needs.

How to set up the NMI gateway in Cheddar

The good news is that setting up the NMI payment gateway in Cheddar is relatively simple. Cheddar states that all their features are supported with the standard NMI feature set. They go on to recommend that you set up a dedicated user account for Cheddar. From a practical and operational point of view, it concentrates your activities throughout one platform to one account.

To create a dedicated user account go to “options,” “settings,” “user accounts” and simply create your new account.

The next step you should keep in mind concerns the Customer Vault. This is what allows Cheddar to run recurring billing. However, you’ll need to contact us, or your NMI reseller to enable the Customer Vault.

We recommend that you also set up the Address Verification System (AVS). While it’s inactive by default, with a high-risk business we recommend that you take precautions. This will help ensure safe and comprehensive payment processing.

Similar to AVS, you’ll also want to double check your settings for CVV verification. You’ll want to enforce CVV verification on the first purchase, but you can’t actually store the CVV anywhere. In other words, you’ll want to enable CVV verification through Cheddar so that the recurring billing actually works how it’s intended.

That’s basically it! However, if you want to make sure NMI is properly set up for your high-risk business as well as for the Cheddar software, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re more than happy to help you out and get you up and running.

How to set up the Authorize.Net gateway in Cheddar

Cheddar integrates fully with one of our favorite payment gateways: Authorize.Net. It stands to reason that Cheddar works well with Authorize.Net. After all, they are an Authorize.Net reseller (as you can see from their configuration page for the Authorize.Net payment gateway). The standard settings that come with a brand new Authorize.Net account work very well with Cheddar. Once you have an Authorize.Net account set up, you’re practically ready to get Cheddar working, unless you are in a high-risk industry, in which case you will need to have your Authorize.Net gateway paired with a high-risk merchant account. Use the form above to get a recommendation based on your business.

For your Authorize.Net account to work as well as possible with Cheddar, they’ll need:

  • Access to Customer Information Manager – CIM

This is necessary in order for Cheddar to manage and process recurring billing.

You can access this by going to “Account” and then “Merchant Profile.”

  • Access to API Login ID and Transaction Key

These allow Cheddar to interact with your gateway, and store customer information, enabling the subscription management and recurring billing processes.

To find this, go to “account,” “settings,” and “API Login ID and Transaction Key.”

  • Transaction Details API

Cheddar needs this in order to effectively handle and manage refunds and voids.

To do this, go to “account,” “settings,” and “Transaction Details API.”

Although it’s optional, we recommend deactivating Authorize.Net’s email notification, as well as make changes to the AVS. Cheddar already handles email notifications on their end, and customizing the AVS is usually a good idea for businesses in the high-risk category. However, as Cheddar points out, you’ll want to make sure that your Authorize.Net account is configured properly. Again, please feel free to contact us. We’re more than happy to provide our expert assistance.

Contact us for payment gateway help

If you want to use Cheddar and need help with finding the right high-risk payment gateway from industry experts who will help you with the configurations and settings for your payment gateway, let us help! At Tasker Payment Gateways, we’re more than happy to take the time to properly get to know you and your business. We can identify the payment gateway you should use, and the appropriate settings, allowing you to connect it easily with Cheddar.

Get in touch today, and if it’s urgent we can always prioritize you!