Woo Commerce 2.5 NMI Plug-in

We have many happy clients using the code canyon NMI plug in for WooCommerce. This has proven to be a great solution for WooCommerce merchants who want or need to features available in NMI such as multi merchant account balancing, and I-Spy fraud detection, especially high risk merchants. As of the writing of this blog post the NMI plug-in for WooCommerce appears to only be compatible with Woocommerce 2.4, 2.3, 2.2 or 2.1. Users currently running 2.5 may receive inconsistent results or error messages.  We expect clients to get notification of an update from the helpful folks at code canyon soon but in the interim merchants could simply stick with 2.4. Here is a helpful thread from WordPress.org on rolling back WooCommerce to a previous version https://wordpress.org/support/topic/revert-back-to-previous-version.

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Is Flint+ Mobile Processing Going Off Line?

We have just heard that Flint+, the cutting edge payment acceptance platform that allowed for mobile payment acceptance without a card reader, customer invoice for payment generation, and simplified buy now buttons may no longer provide processing service for their Flint+ app, apparently for good. Their site appears to still be up, and still be accepting new sign ups so we expect some sort of official clarification from the company soon on their web site, blog, or via news release.

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Never underestimate the overqualified employee

We are truly very lucky to interact with some of our client’s really stellar employees here at Tasker Payment Gateways. Would it surprise you to learn that companies would purposely hire people who may be over qualified for whatever the job at hand may be? There was a time when nearly all firms were “afraid” of the over qualified employee, that may be changing and it appears for good reason. Check out this article from Small Biz Trends. We love how positive it is, and we know that a lot of our eCommerce clients are in a growth phase and could really benefit from this advice.

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Is your email signature working for you?

As an online merchant there is one part of your daily interaction with clients and potential customers that can be very important, but is often not thought about. What is it? Email Signatures. Take a look at yours the next time you send an email. Are you following these best practices? Here is  good article we want to share. It made us take a look at our email signatures and really rethink them.

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Attention all who blog for business. Do you agree?

We loved this article on writing a perfect blog post. The infograph presented by iSpionage, we felt, was spot on correct. Whether you’re a novice blogger or an old pro, it’s important to stay informed and to grow.
Check it out.

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When a Trash Talking Football Pool Is Used To Heal

A friend and colleague wrote the following essay and asked us to pass it on. We were so moved we made a donation, and ask that you consider doing the same.

When a Trash Talking Football Pool Is Used To Heal, By Chris Moreno

To an outsider, the Fall 2015 NFL Survivor Pool looked rough around the edges in every way – a group of smack-talking, winner-take-all disposed football fans from across the country emailing their weekly picks and keeping their eye on the prize. But those inside the circle knew that like its founder, Chuck Walkey, nothing could be further from the truth.

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May the upcoming IT forces be with you

From increasing cyber-security threats – whether it be by teen-aged hackers in their mom’s basement, savvy robin hood hackers, or even foreign governments – to the impact of “The Internet of Things”, and an uncertain economy, there are forces out of your control that will effect your business over the coming year. We work with a lot of start ups and find that they are usually so invested in the day to day of getting their business off the ground that they are not plugged into some of the trends that dramatically effect their business. We always recommend that start ups stay on top of eCommerce trends via social media (our pages are a good start, you can find the links in the bottom corner of this page) , via trade journals (which are usually free), and informational sites online.

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GoDaddy and High Risk Merchants

We like GoDaddy, we have referred business to GoDaddy, and have helped GoDaddy clients take advantage of that company’s vast array of products and features, but like most shopping cart software suites that offer in-house (or closely referred) payment processing, GoDaddy has never had – as far as we know – an “out of the box” solution for high risk merchants. Their processing solutions, like most, do not allow many common high risk product types. This is AOK, as a matter of fact it’s what we do, and we enjoy it. We help folks find solid stable gateway, software, chargeback mitigation and processing solutions that work with their cart of choice even if that cart’s preferred partners do not work in their particular industry.

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Vaping merchant accounts with low or no reserves emerging.

We are hearing some good news lately in the vape payment gateway and merchant processing world in terms of low or 0% merchant account reserves when needed or requested.  Historically most online electronic cigarette merchants, especially e-liquid merchants selling nicotine based products have had a portion of their sales- generally 10% – held in “reserve” by their processors. This money if often held for 6 months or more and protects the processor from losses caused by among other things, merchant chargebacks or returns that the merchant cannot cover. The payment gateway providers themselves generally have limited risk beyond their own fees so these reserves are almost exclusively held the processor or merchant account provider.

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Shopify and Pinterest Join Forces To Create the First Social Media Market

Pinterest is getting married – and its chosen partner . . . Shopify.

Although Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have been talking about adding a buy button for years, Pinterest was the first to announce on June 2 that its talk will soon become a reality, thanks to a relationship with the popular e-commerce platform, Shopify.

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P.S. We're happy to help even if you just have a quick question - even if you are "not ready yet" and just want a little free advice. We regularly earn clients' business years after we first speak.

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