BigCommerce & Rivet Works: a high-risk software spotlight –

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you know that we happen to like BigCommerce and often suggest it for various high-risk e-commerce businesses. When correctly set up with an appropriate high-risk payment gateway and merchant account BigCommerce simply works great for almost all high-risk site owners. We just found some great news for BigCommerce users that we thought we would share with you – and give you some tips on how you can take advantage of this information. In a nutshell, BigCommerce has expanded its review and on page content creation capabilities by working with a company called Rivet Works.

Rivet Works and customer reviews

BigCommerce has just partnered with Rivet Works, an online user-generated review system. This brings a lot of new options and abilities to both you and your customers on BigCommerce. Rivet Works uses AI and customer insights to help you entice return shoppers and attract new ones. Based on the report we read Rivet Works increases social reach by an average of 155% and evokes 104% more reactions on Facebook compared to posts without Rivet Works insights.

However, more than insights and data, this also allows your customers to review their shopping experience and your products, so if you have anything needing improvement on your web-store now is the best time to take care of it before taking advantage of the Rivet Works additions. Once your site is ready, you should start encouraging customers to leave reviews and make videos talking about your products. You can then take this user-generated content and share it across your social channels and marketing platforms.

High-risk e-commerce and Rivet Works

Obviously, those of us in the high-risk industry must be thoughtful when using an app like this. Depending on what we are selling we are limited in how we advertise online. Fortunately, this type of content generation usually lends itself to our cause, because it’s our clients who will be creating the content. However, we will be the ones sharing it. Customers from industries like cigars and vape pens or e-cigs should be easy to get content from and relatively worry-free when sharing that content.

FFL dealers and user content

FFL dealers, however, might have a few more concerns, for example, if the customer is taking necessary safety measure when testing or reviewing a product. If the content is user-generated, that takes your control of the material away. You don’t have to use the content at all, but it’s a shame to have useless content. We suggest setting guidelines and rules for enthusiasts before sending out your first wave of invitations. This not only minimizes the amount of useless content but also gives your customers a better idea of how they can specifically help you. You can also encourage reviews of items or products that are less restricted in your inventory, and then make those items easier to find once on your site. It can be tricky, but with a little bit of attention and creativity, you should easily be able to generate a lot of quality, SEO friendly content from your customers.

Free content saves you time and money

One of the most significant advantages of Rivet Works for BigCommerce is that your customers begin creating content on your behalf (not including negative content), this means that without much effort you can start using these reviews and clips to your advantage, make an advertisement stringing some quotes together or including pictures of happy customers using the product. The marketing implications of this type of content reach much further than any stock images you may buy and often is more impactful than anything you might create yourself. It feels more genuine when it comes from other customers. Not only does this save you the time it would take to develop or plan out the content, but also the money it would cost for you to produce it. You can then use that time and money to increase your reach and marketing efforts.

Use the content cycle to improve as you go

Rivet Works helps you step by step by not only enabling these features on your BigCommerce site but also by helping you gather, distribute and refine that content. It starts when you have Rivet Works send out emails and invitations to leave reviews and stories about the customer experience. Rivet Works collects that content and allows you to share it on social media instantly through your channels. You have control to moderate the conversation as it goes, the software automatically steers the conversation in a positive direction and omits negative influences, so you don’t have to sit and babysit your posts to avoid trolls. Tags and categories are added automatically, so you don’t need to waste time researching the hottest hash-tags or make sure your keywords are right. This helps you see how well the post performs and allows you to learn and refine your tactics.