One of the best functioning, most popular shopping cart / hosting solutions in the world can now be integrated with one of the most popular website platforms in the world – such is the beautiful marriage that is embodied in Shopify’s new plugin for WordPress.

Shopify is loved by many for its intuitive shopping cart and easy-to-manage product and order management features, which allow merchants to keep track of inventory, set prices, run promotions, keep customer records, and give customers a seamless buying experience, not to mention their beautiful site designs.

WordPress is similarly enjoyed by millions of website owners for the ease of use it affords to even most novice webmaster. It’s simplicity, however, does not bring the restrictions often associated with other user-friendly platforms. On the contrary, it’s applications are virtually limitless through the addition of plugins that expand its capabilities. And one of these plugins now allows the integration of the Shopify cart into the WordPress platform.

Shopify works a little differently for high-risk merchants. Although it is compatible with 70+ gateways, merchants that sell products such as nutraceuticals, weight-loss supplements, firearms, e-cigarettes, or other items in a long list of “risky” high-risk categories need to set up a gateway processing solution separately.

Does this mean that these merchants have to give up one or both of these popular platforms? By no means! We can help high-risk merchants integrate this new Shopify plugin with a high risk-friendly payment gateway processing combo using NMI, eProcessing Network, or Authorize.Net. Although this is not a 30-second out-of-the-box option, we’re dedicated to helping even newest merchant through every step of this straightforward process.

As a Shopify partner, no one is better versed in placing high-risk business with a Shopify friendly solution than we are. So if you’re a high-risk merchant who’s ready to experience the power and simplicity of both WordPress and Shopify, let us help. We promise to hold your hand throughout the entire process from the initial decision to the final tests on your website.

So whether you’re new to e-commerce, new to the high-risk market, or migrating to WordPress or Shopify from another platform, we have the help you need. Contact us for assistance.