We are often asked the question “what are the best payment gateways out there?” and the answer we must give always seems to sound like a tired sales pitch. (no matter how true it is!). When asked that question, any eCommerce professional or consultant must (well, should) answer it with some derivative of “it depends, let’s talk about your business”. This reply unfortunately reminds me of the frustration I feel when trying to get information from a contractor by phone. – “Can you just give me a ballpark before I carve out 2 hours on a Tuesday to wait in my driveway to talk to you?” But, there are good reasons.

Here are a few examples of why the question is so nuanced, and why we always recommend folks call us or contact us to discuss their situation.

Example 1. You are an internet marketer who operates 6 different make money from home and ebook web sites and who uses a handful of both high risk and low risk merchant accounts. You use the Lime Light CRM. Well then…..you are a text book example of the type of merchant who would really love NMI (Network Merchants). You would be able to not only seamlessly integrate with Lime Light, but you would be able to log in, pull reports, and manage all your merchant accounts through one master log in, you could even use NMI¬†account balancer to direct your high risk products to your higher cost merchant accounts and your low risk products to your low cost accounts (with your processor’s blessings of course). You could even create custom routing based on volume, average ticket, SKU etc! See ! NMI is the best.

Example 2. You are a medium sized business selling low ticket consumer products, electronic cigarettes for example. Your business is mostly online but you do make some wholesale deliveries and accept some payments in person. Lastly, you are going to start using Freshbooks (nice choice by the way) as your accounting software. Well, in this case the answer is obvious! Authorize.net is the best payment gateway for you (in our humble opinion). It will integrate so seamlessly with Freshbooks you will think of them like cookies and milk! (well, you know what I am trying to say). Payments will automatically post, double accounting will be a thing of the past and your accounting processes will be smooth as glass. See? What did we tell you? Authorize.net is it!

Example 3. You are an FFL dealer looking to sell on your site, but also on the 2 most popular auction sites. Well, no gateways appears to be more entrenched in the FFL community (judging by our unscientific, not vetted surveys!) than eProcessing Network. ePN will plug wight into the big boys of FFL auction sites in 5 minutes and you will be off to the races! It’s the best!

These are just a few examples. Regardless of whether or not you ever intend to do business with us we are always happy to share out experiences and help a fellow eCommerce warrior. Give us a call, or contact us anytime.

P.S. We're happy to help even if you just have a quick question - even if you are "not ready yet" and just want a little free advice. We regularly earn clients' business years after we first speak.