The owner’s manuals for human prosperity

No other system or experiment in human history has raised so many out of poverty and sustained it for so long. No other system has produced such innovation, innovation that has so dramatically and positively effected the lives of so many.

There are 330 million Americans, the vast majority, when compared to the rest of the world live in relative prosperity,  in relative peace, and with relative freedom. The majority of the other places on earth that share similar blessings do so in no small part because their constitutions and governing concepts are modeled so closely after ours; some like Japan have constitutions actually written by us. The concepts of negative rights, of rights of the individual, the idea that a country’s laws are written around what the government cannot do to it’s people, not the other way around were innovations of the American experiment.

We are 5% of the world’s population yet we have invented so much of what makes the world livable, antibiotics , vaccines, the Internet, the personal computer, air travel , the telephone , the light bulb, motion pictures , the ability to record sound , the ability to harness electricity, to transmit it and use it , the refrigerator, the elevator, the thermostat,  organ transplants. It is not an accident, there are reasons; these things are not coincidence, these things are not “in spite ofs”. Many of these reasons are directly traceable to 238 years ago with the signing of the declaration, 11 years later with the drafting of the Constitution and 4 years after that with the bill of rights. Free markets, property rights, patent law, all contained within that set of documents, the owner’s manuals for human prosperity.
Remember on a day like today that we are not a democracy, to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson a democracy is simply the tyranny of the majority. We are a constitutional republic where the minority’s rights are protected from the whims of the 51%.
When you’re frustrated by slowness in change, and slowness in government, remember that that is by design. Specifically, clearly and in a calculated manner, slowness and difficulty were built into our system to prevent rapid, dangerous changes. We believe the structure within which this country operates is the reason for its success.