Online gateways & merchant accounts for firearms

Lately, our FFL contacts have been upset and frustrated by what they feel has been a lot of misinformation out there in terms of how online firearms sales work, and how they handle background checks. We have also been receiving calls from online firearms dealers who have been shut down by their credit card processors, they feel, unfairly. Luckily we have tons of industry knowledge and a vast array of contacts, therefore, we are able to recommend merchant account solutions and FFL friendly payment gateways that can help reputable, honest FFL’s (who ship to other FFL’s that perform all required background checks), get up and running right away.

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Seasonal e-commerce tips for high-risk merchants

Well October has finally come, and that means it’s time to start gearing up for the holiday season. Every e-commerce website needs to do something to help capitalize on the amount of money people are willing to spend during this brief period, even high-risk sites. Everyone loves vape mods, or premium cigars in their stockings, right? We have gathered some resources from around the web to help you gain as many new – and repeat  -customers as possible this holiday season.

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If you don’t have a referral program yet, read this

Referrals are amazing things. I have witnessed the power of referrals first hand with my wife. She is an excellent shopper and is the ultimate deal finder. Routinely she shops on websites for things like gifts, clothing, housewares, etc. When she buys these low-cost items, she naturally needs to share in this triumph with a friend. Her friend will then gush over her purchase, sign up as a member of whatever website and my wife will earn points, cash, or more junk……ahem, I mean precious, valuable things. This is not unusual; it is the norm. Adding an incentive for your customers so they can reward themselves for being your advocate helps build a business.

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Tips on marketing high-risk products online

The difficulties associated with having a website that sells a product or service that is on a high-risk or commonly prohibited category list is significant. This isn’t to say it’s not worthwhile to pursue a high-risk e-commerce business, but you will likely spend some extra time successfully marketing your high-risk website, setting up your site to accept payments, and avoiding fraud.

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High-risk payment gateways for Jigoshop

Sell just about anything that is legal on Jigoshop

Jigoshop is one of the strongest competitors in the WordPress e-commerce world for a very good reason, its fresh, robust, and fast design. Jigoshop’s e-commerce plug-in is compatible with high-risk payment gateways like NMI and, when set up properly with a high-risk merchant account, Authorize.Net. The platform powers over a half million e-commerce stores and, with a little payment gateway advice from experts like us, can be an excellent solution for legal, hard to place high-risk merchants like vape/e-juice merchants, FFL dealers, and premium cigar websites. The entire system has recently been redesigned for ease of use, all the way from managing your inventory to converting visitors into customers. Sales are streamlined through your site to give you more conversions quickly, increasing your revenue.

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Shopp plugin and high-risk payments

High-risk WordPress payment processing with Authorize.Net or NMI

If you own a WordPress site and are looking to accept payments for vaporizers, cigars, FFL to FFL sales, or another common high-risk product type, Shopp may be a great fit. This is because the Shopp WordPress plug-in comes “out of the box compatible” with Authorize.Net and NMI. Both of these gateways, when set up correctly and powered by an appropriate high-risk friendly merchant account on the back end, are among our favorite high-risk friendly payment gateways. Shopp makes one of our jobs, recommending high-risk merchant accounts to you that are Shopp compatible, easy.

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No reserve vape merchant accounts for WooCommerce

We are very pleased with our continuing ability to help vape or e-juice WooCommerce merchants with a vape compatible gateway like NMI or, when appropriate, Authorize.Net for their WooCommerce site (or a high-risk Shopify vape site), and with the ease of which we have been able to recommend “merchant friendly”  electronic cigarette e-commerce merchant accounts with no reserve. In the past, when setting up payment gateways and scouting merchant accounts for WooCommerce vape merchants it was common if not universal that the processors we introduced vape and e-juice e-commerce merchants to, insisted upon a “reserve”.

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Kratom merchant accounts: An update, and it’s good news

Quick note, and it seems like good news:

We are seeing kratom merchants getting accepted for reliable merchant accounts. In addition to that, these accounts are compatible with Shopify and WooCommerce. These accounts generally only work for merchants processing more than 20k a month in sales, but from what we are seeing approvals are happening, the rates are very reasonable and best yet they are widely compatible. These “new” kratom processors are able to integrate with common payment gateways so hooking up carts like Shopify and WooCommerce is not only possible but actually pretty straightforward.

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Vape payment gateways for Shopify  

Over the years we have helped hundreds of Shopify merchants set up a vape friendly payment gateway and have learned a lot about it. You may already be aware that the Shopify out of the box payment gateway has total restrictions on many “high-risk transactions” including vape pens, e-juice, and mods; this is where we can help you. Shopify has apps and platforms to help you sell just about anywhere but certain products are a touch harder to sell. You can absolutely sell vaporizers, e-juice, pens, and mods on Shopify with a little help and updated information under your belt. We will assist you by setting up a vape friendly Shopify compatible payment gateway and recommending a merchant account setup on the back end that actually appreciates your online vape business. We will work with you one on one until your Shopify store is up, running, and accepting payments.

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E-commerce tips and tricks: August 2017

Each month we scan the web for unique links that might be of interest not only to our high-risk clients but to anyone selling on the internet. Below is this month’s batch of curated tips and tricks!

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P.S. We're happy to help even if you just have a quick question - even if you are "not ready yet" and just want a little free advice. We regularly earn clients' business years after we first speak.

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