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Need an easy way to pay MLM partners, IBOs or affiliates?

Affiliate Payouts are often a challenge for many internet marketing, make money from home (“Biz-op”) and MLM business types. Merchants often contact us after realizing that payouts can be more difficult and complicated than accepting payments for certain high-risk or commonly prohibited categories. Due diligence, “KYC” procedures and tax compliance can intimidate honest businesses who pay out affiliates transparently and ethically. Worse yet, the approval process at some providers can make honest companies feel lumped in with unethical marketers.

Prepaid debit payout systems

Anytime you need to pay 1099 representatives, direct marketing IBOs, or multi-level marketing downlines, allow us to recommend a prepaid debit card payout solution. We will take the time to learn about your business, and then introduce you to a vetted, reliable provider that can assist you with an affordable, easily managed, payout system. Our recommended vendors provide streamlined online management, advanced reporting, and cost-effective payout solutions.

Enterprise-level affiliate payout solutions

For some larger businesses, simple payout methods like pre-paid are not enough. Some large MLMs or affiliate programs need ways to pay those in their organization or downline that are “underbanked” or more connected to niche local financial products in their home country than to more internationally recognized methods like pre-paid cards.  We can recommend locally used alternatives including cash payments when appropriate,  along with traditional options like ACH, wire, paper checks, and prepaid, all managed within user-friendly interfaces. We can also recommend high-volume, low-cost payout systems for large US-based businesses looking for a reliable, affordable, feature-rich affiliate payout vendor.

Depending on your needs, we can refer you a provider that specializes in safely collecting and storing personal data within the regulatory structure you operate in, managing tax forms, and reporting within a PCI and Safe Harbor compliant environment.

Our partners offer customizable platforms that can also integrate easily into existing payment acceptance systems and offer end-user log-ins that reflect your company look, feel and style. Contact us now to learn more, even if you are beginning the process and have a few general questions.